Property Investment In Warrington

best place to invest in property. Warrington, Cheshire

What are you looking for in your property investments?

▶ Is it a high return on investment?

▶ Is it great rental yields?

▶ Or maybe you just want to know that the area has good tenant demand?

Personally, I look for all of these things.

And, that’s why I think Warrington is a great location for investing in property.

Below I share why I both personally invest in Warrington… and source properties there for my clients as well:

Why Warrington?

Property Investment Warrington

The Best Place To Invest In Warrington

Warrington is a great place to invest.

But how do you know where in Warrington you should consider..?

Where has the most affordable locations to give you the best return on your investment possible?

Watch below where I detail how to spot the best locations in which to invest.

Market Rent

And here’s another short video I’ve created on rental income and return in Warrington.

Why You Should Consider Warrington

When I look for an area to invest in, I’m looking for the very best mix of rental Return, capital growth potential and tenant demand.

Based on these criteria, Warrington is one of the areas that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest of the North West.

Here’s Why >>>>>

1) Housing Supply And Demand

Supply: 77.9% of households in the Warrington area are owner occupied (66,490), with 6.6% (5,721) privately rented.

Demand: Over the last twenty years the population of Warrington has increased at a similar rate to the national level, and at a faster rate than the population of the North West as a whole – putting pressure on the household demand for the area.

2) House Prices

Now, let’s look at further the Housing Prices in the area:

Over the last Warrington was amongst the lowest 10 cities for Mean housing price growth during 2000 – 2010, at an average of 7.1% per year growth.

This steady growth has kept housing prices affordable in the area throughout the boom.

The UK wide decline in house prices has made yields and property prices very attractive compared to other comparable UK cities, especially when you consider Warrington’s performance in economic stability and employment.

3) The Local Economy

Finally, it’s not just about the buildings. The local economy is also a key element, and can really affect House Prices and the type of tenant you will attract. This area has a strong local economy, which offers great future stability.

During 2011, the Warrington economy held up well and again outstripped the rest of the North West and much of the rest of the country in terms of key economic indicators.

The Centre for Cities report places Warrington in the top ten locations in the whole of the UK for economic performance.

Warrington is the highest rated northern location for average earnings and employment rates.

Warrington is rated 7th out of the top 10 ten cities in the UK for its ratio of private Sector to public sector jobs, so is more insulated against wide scale public sector job losses as an economy.

4) Summary

To summarise the area, I would consider 3 key points:

  1. The affordability of entry level housing in Warrington has improved, with the combination of the decrease in house prices along with an increase in local wages and average earnings.
  2. In addition there is only a relatively small supply of rental housing for the area, when you considering the total housing stock and the actively increasing household demand and population.
  3. Warrington offers great rental yields and good potential for long term growth, due to the sustained tenant demand, and its combination of Economic stability and affordable housing.

Invest In Warrington: More Information

As you can see Warrington is a great location if your looking for high rental yields and affordable house prices, and it still offers long term growth prospects and high employment, unlike some of the cheaper North West locations.

But if you would prefer more of an all rounder, that has shown greater historic capital growth in the past then why not consider Chester?

Or if stability, and the prospect of investing in the 3rd biggest city in the UK appeals to you, then take a look at South Manchester

I hope that’s helped to give you some more information on the Best Locations To Invest in Property, but if you need help then let’s have a chat.

I like to do things a little differently than the large Corporate Investment companies, and put your needs at the heart of the process, please see my background and See Why I’m Different here.


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Local Council Investment In Warrington:

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