Simple Buy To Let Advice To Become A Great Landlord

best buy to let landlords

If you’re looking to get in to buy-to-let and you want some advice on what makes a good landlord (or how you can avoid being a bad landlord), then take a look at our infographic below on ‘good landlords and bad tenants’, and what to look out for!

best buy to let landlords

Always Use Local Letting Agents

From personal experience one of the best bits of buy to let advice I would give is to always use a letting agent where possible.

The best letting agents will not only be able to help find good suitable, long-term tenants, but they will also be able to advise on how to make sure you miss the bad tenants.

By choosing a local letting agent you will be able to benefit from their on the ground experience and knowledge on which tenants to steer clear from with your lettings.

This advice is invaluable, and we have dodged a bullet a few times with our buy to lets when we have started of marketing the property ourselves and then used to a letting agent to do the referencing.

In the end, we found that it’s just not worth the hassle of self-managing if you have the contacts of a good letting agent.

Pick The Right Properties Early On

As well as choosing a good letting agent to manage your buy to let properties for you so you can be a hands-off landlord, it’s also important you find the right properties early on in your search.

Because being able to offer the right properties, will attract much better tenants and will make your buy to let landlord journey much smoother.

When it comes to picking the right properties, take a look at our 7 Golden Property Investment Rules.

If you wanted to have a look at some more buy to let advice, take a peak at our buy to let blogs, which covers everything from choosing the right property investment areas, what to look out for when renovating Edwardian properties, how to correctly calculate rental yield and more…

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