Investment Property | An Expert's Guide To Zoopla

Finding Investment Property | An Expert’s Guide To Zoopla

There is some great investment property out there waiting to be found and the good news is the only tool you need to find it is Zoopla. Today we look at four underutilised filters that investors can use to find below market value property and motivated sellers in their chosen area.

Why Hiring A Property Sourcing Agent Makes A Whole World Of Sense

Why Hiring A Property Sourcing Agent Makes A Whole World Of Sense

Working with a property sourcing agent or investment company is going to help your business grow much quicker. Not only will it free you up for more important tasks but it will also save you a huge amount of time and give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to your investment choices.

I want to hire a property sourcer - what is the next step?

I Want To Hire A Property Sourcer – What’s The Next Step?

Working with a property sourcer can mean bigger discounts, higher rental yields, an easier buying process and access to off-market properties. Today, we are answering a question that was put to us by one of our clients who wanted to know exactly what happens when you first agree to work with a sourcing agent.

property sourcing agents and their deposits

A FREE Guide To Property Sourcing Agents And Their Deposits

Working with property sourcing agents is a great way to grow your portfolio quickly but, of course, you have to pay for their services. Today we look at the kind of deposits you might have to put down to secure a given deal; how much they are, at what stage in the process you might be expected to pay and at how secure they generally are across the industry.

Why A Good Rental Yield Is More Important Than A BMV Deal

When you buy a property below market value you might not be getting what you hoped for. If a BMV deal does not have a good rental yield then you won’t turn a profit. Worse still you might end up losing money month by month. A good rental return is essential to success in property and focussing entirely on discounts will wreck your portfolio.

4 Sure-Fire Ways To Source Property Deals Fast

The foundation to any solid, property investment strategy is going to lie in your skill at property sourcing which can be slow and cumbersome. We all know that searching through Rightmove and building your spreadsheets can be very time-consuming. Today we look at four alternative ways to source BMV property deals that will help you scale your portfolio much faster.

The Fast Route To Quick Property Cashflow by Selling Leads

Property doesn’t always have to involve large deposits and deep pockets. Simply choosing the right strategy, you can create a property business with very little while developing the skills to build a portfolio later down the line if you wish.

How To Find BMV Property Deals In Sheffield

Sourcing suitable & below market value deals is the key to success in property regardless of your property strategy.

In today’s video we run through how you can source property in any town or city in the UK using a free tool and 4 very simple (and quick) techniques.