Refurbishment Costs

How To Manage Property Refurbishment Costs

Whether you are managing a buy to let portfolio or looking to become a property developer with buy to sell, property refurbishment is going to be key to your success. Refurbishing your properties will increase their value, make them more attractive to your tenants and decrease what you will have to spend on maintenance. But, you will need to manage your refurbishment costs and know what to avoid.

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How To Become A Property Developer

For today’s article, Edward Sykes from Renovate Alerts has kindly agreed to contribute his thoughts on how to become a property developer. It’s not rocket science, but the phrase “fail to plan and you plan to fail” applies more to development and renovation projects than perhaps any other area in the property investment industry.

Do you make these 5 key mistakes when viewing refurbishment properties to buy

5 Things You Don’t Want to Ignore During A Renovation Project

Renovation projects, refurbishments, conversions. They are all very appealing as property investments but it’s easy to get caught out if you’re new to the game. Get up to speed below and don’t ignore these five simple aspects to buying an investment property.

The Complete List of North West Empty Home Grants

Property development is more than just planning, profits and paint.

To become a successful property developer and not just flip the odd property here and there you must have a long term defining goal and aim to bring empty properties back in to use, provide homes for local communities and to ultimately improve the local area.


A Landlord’s Guide To Energy Efficient Improvements

10 Reasons to Become an Energy-Efficient Landlord.

The last thing on most landlords’ minds is how green their rental properties are.

Surely the money is better spent putting money down on another house right? Wrong!

Late Victorian Style House

Which Houses Offer The Best Property Development Opportunities?

When it comes to property development, often the focus is very much on simply picking the right area.

The old adage of location…location…location is widely used for a very good reason, but once you have chosen the right area to invest in, what happens next?