Property joint ventures involve a coming together of different parties to work on a collaborative project in property (a JV deal or property JV).

Here, we look at why property joint ventures are the ideal way of getting started in property with no money. We look the five crucial elements that are a part of every property JV. We have a JV deal case study from a house we worked on in Levenshulme and some testimonials from a few of our clients as well.

Property Joint Ventures - 5 Crucial Elements

5 CRUCIAL Elements To All Successful JV Deals

A property joint venture is more than just a business arrangement, it is a relationship that should be built to be sustainable over the long term. Making JV deals work requires honesty, open communication as well as shared values and goals. Today we look at the five crucial elements that underpin every successful joint venture partnership.

how to survive your first property joint venture

How To Survive Your First Property Joint Venture

If you are not used to doing them, property joint ventures can be daunting. Today, we look at the anatomy of a JV deal and at what someone new to them can do to make sure they survive their first one.

Property Joint Venture Testimonial Thumbnail

JV Deals | Client Testimonial – Stuart Mather

“I have worked in partnership with Rob since mid-2012, focusing on helping Vendors who are in negative equity and finding suitable Tenant Buyers. Working with Rob is enjoyable and he is always looking at approaching situations creatively…

Property Joint Venture Testimonial Thumbnail

JV Deals | Client Testimonial – Nick Flewin

“We have worked with Robert on a Joint Venture basis for the past 3 and a half years. During that time we have found him to be honest, reliable and professional in all our dealings with him. During this time we have also recommended his property sourcing services to clients and associates all of whom have given us positive feedback.”