How To Find BMV Property Deals In Sheffield

Sourcing suitable & below market value deals is the key to success in property regardless of your property strategy.

In today’s video we run through how you can source property in any town or city in the UK using a free tool and 4 very simple (and quick) techniques.

We chose a town at random from one of our site readers comments (seen on a previous BMV property article here) and show how you can can source property deals in your local town in even if you have no knowledge and no previous property experience.

This is just one method we use from a host of strategies in our online property training, but you can see how effective this is alone!

What the full video here:

Video Highlights

00:38 – How to get a shortlist of deals in your own local town!

01:40 – What other investors & readers are looking for

03:00 – The main criteria we look for

03:10 – Where to get further property training and sourcing techniques

03:54 – Choosing an area at Random

04:38 – Property Sourcing BMV deals in Sheffield & the criteria

05:23 – Using The Property Sourcing Strategy & the criteria

08:34 – Below market value sourcing technique one (properties on the market a while)

13:00 – What Investors look for and why it matters to you’re bmv sourcing

14:42 – Properties you should ignore & why

17:12 – Technique two – properties other investors have overlooked

19:48 – Are there perfect targets to aim for?

21:21: – Technique three – Next up, looking at properties that are the most reduced & prime potential for BMV

24:42 – Technique four – Spotting deals by price difference

28:18 – Property sourcing techniques re-cap


Hello, and welcome to today’s training video, which is where we’re going to be looking at how to find and spot below market value or BMV property deals in your local town.

We’ve got a number of different property training videos on our website. Some are specific to this kind of similar training method where we’re looking at how to use things like Rightmove and Zoopla on how to find property deals, but on this particular video just to give you a bit of context and background.

below market value property sourcing in your own local townWe ran a blog article a couple weeks ago using the same techniques that I’m going to show you in this particular video now, where we covered one of the local towns that’s near us in an area called Chester.

Within that blog article, at the end, we just made a couple of comments at the bottom of the page, and just basically asked for any of our site readers, or any of our clients if you may be wanting us to do this video in your local town just to drop us a comment back a little bit about who you are, where you’re based, what you’re looking to do.

Then we’ll pick one at random, and do one probably on a weekly basis maybe to show you really how it can be done in any kind of town or in any area. You don’t need any kind of prior knowledge. You don’t need any prior experience in terms of how to find the property deals.

What we’re going to use is some specific techniques using Zoopla, so that you can go out there and source property deals in your local town based upon certain criteria, but what we’re really looking for is motivated sellers, and that’s what we’re going to be focusing on using these different techniques.

Readers Suggestions On BMV Areas

readers_comments_for_discounted_propertiesWe’ve had a couple of comments on the bottom of the training course. We’ve got one here from Tim.

“Brilliant video … Looking for property deals in Birmingham, three- to four-bedroom houses to rent as a multi-let … Looking for an investment with good cash flow as opposed to capital growth”.

That’s great. That’s one area in Birmingham.

Another one, Jane,

“Great video … useful tips”. Thanks Jane.

“Happy to do a video looking at S6… Sheffield area, three to four bedrooms to sell on to other investors”.

Perfect, so a property sources strategy, and to sell on to other investors. That’s a great cash flowing strategy as well.

“That can be refurb or no work needed”. No problem. “… will be signing up for your course this week”. Great stuff.

Then Tyler. Tyler is looking for refurb projects in Salford, Moss Side or Rusholme.

That’s an area near Manchester that we cover as well, so we’ll know a little bit more about that area if we pick that one, and it’s something that we can buy, let and refinance houses preferably.

We’ve got Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham, so a couple of areas that we can just choose at random, go into, use these same techniques and show you really a little bit how to spot these particular deals really.

Looking at Zoopla, and the main thing that we’re looking at here as I said is going to be motivated sellers. All of these properties that are going to be on Zoopla, and also Rightmove and stuff as well, they’re going to be on the market with an estate agent.

There’s a whole host of different property sourcing, and strategies and techniques that you can use. We cover about 11, 12 different ones in our online training course.

That covers everything from estate agents, through to newspaper adverts, Gumtree, leaflet drops, online advertising and a whole host of other ones, and estate agents and this particular method of sourcing properties by our estate agents.

It’s just one element of it. We go into a lot more detail in the training course, so I’m limited on what I can show you in a quick video if it were. Within this video, on its own, there’s going to be techniques and methods here that you can use straight away to go out there and find some deals in your local town.

Picking A Property Investment Area at Random

If you go to this website here,, we can choose one of the comments at random and see which area we’re going to choose. Put in one, two, three, and then click on “Generate”. It’s come up with number two, so let’s have a look at the comments down here. We’ve got one, two, three, so Jane.

We’ll do Jane’s area of Sheffield in this particular property sourcing video. It’s completely new & random in terms of the areas that we look at. The reason for that is because I just wanted to show you that we can, as I said do this in any area really.

It doesn’t need to be specific to an area we particularly cover. I’m based in Manchester, so the northwest and a couple of key areas around there that we focus on. Sheffield is in an area that I would typically cover, so it’s not an area that I know too much about really when it comes to property on the local streets and post codes and stuff, but we can do this, as I said in any area.

Let’s go on to Zoopla and just put in some of the criteria. S6 is the post code. Let’s keep it as a minimum/maximum because I’m not sure on the price ranges just yet. Houses and two bedrooms.

Three to four bedrooms to sell onto our other investors. Let’s look at three-plus bedrooms, and then search. This particular strategy that Jane is looking to do is going to be known as property sourcing, so find property deals, and then sell those deals onto other investors.

With those deals, the investors are going to be looking at those properties typically, depending on the strategy would either fall into the camp of maybe looking to do buy to lets, in which case, you would typically be looking at slightly low value properties because they would generally have a high rent yield, or they’d fall into the camp of maybe doing a refurbish, and then a resale, so putting it back on the market.

Those types of properties would work very well for first-time buyers or maybe next-time buyers, but first-time buyers in nice, decent areas with a suitable price range that’s going to be achievable for a first-time buyer.

Next Stage Due Diligence

When it comes to doing this search, there’s a lot more due diligence you can do to make sure you’ve got the right information, and to make sure you’re narrowing down the area.

We look at things like heat maps and a few of the things in other videos. I can’t go into too much detail on this particular video because we’d need more information in terms of what Jane is particularly looking to do.

The BMV (below market value) Criteria

valuing bmv and buy to let property investmentsIf we’re just looking at three to four beds in the Sheffield location, then there’s certain filters and tools that we can use on Zoopla right now to narrow that list down.

You’ll be able to do this a lot quicker than I’m doing. I’m obviously trying to explain it as we’re going along. It’s a very quick technique.

It doesn’t need to take up too much time and things really. It can be quite straight forward in terms of how it’s done. Because we know that Jane is looking to sell these properties in sheffield on to other investors, I’m just going to put in some filters on here that would typically give us more suitable properties that would typically work for most investors, whether that’s buy to let or refurbishment.

Terrace houses and semi-detached houses will be your main type of property stock if it were really.

Price range … I’m just going to change some of these filters at the top here, so hundreds of those per page. I’m just going to check the highest prices just to see what kind of prices they go up to, and then we filter them down.

You’ve got some obviously high-value properties in this location as well. Then it starts to reduce. If we’re looking for investors, if we see that they are maybe looking at buy to lets, we’ll probably need to drop this price range down to about 150, maybe even a little bit lower just to get decent rental yields for that area possibly. It’s got 150 results at the moment. Let’s see what that reduces it to.

Okay, 104 results. We’ve still got a decent amount of stock to play with, and it’s just limited, or restricted somewhat the focus of what I’m wanting to look at and consider first of all. Now we’ve got the search open.

Now we’ve chosen some filters. I’ve already signed in here. The reason for that is so that we can start saving some of these properties to our list. The idea is that we’re going to be able to generate a short list of potential property deals in this particular area.

Starting The Shortlist

shortlisting the right discounted property dealsWe want to save the properties initially, and then we can go back and filter them out a little bit further. We can cut out some of the ones that maybe don’t make the grade the second time around.

We can narrow down that list a little bit further if you’ve got lots of properties, or if you’ve only got one or two that’s great. It will give us a nice tight short list to arrange viewing them. There’s four techniques that we’re going to cover.

The first one of these is going to be looking at properties that have been on the market for a long period of time. If we go down her on to sort by, we’ve already increased the results per page to the highest level.

That will just make it a little bit simpler for us for searching. You can choose list view, grid view and map view. Most of the time, I use list view, and then for one or two other searches I’ll typically use map view as well.

If we’re going to be focusing on list view for this particular one, we’re going to look at recent listing, so if we go to most recent … For this, we want to do a reverse search really, so instead of starting at the top, we’re going to start right at the bottom and see which properties have been on the market the longest that may fit our criteria that we’re looking for.

Jane’s BMV & Sourcing Requirements

Jane’s criteria is going to be three to four bedrooms, below market value in sheffield, to sell on to other investors. It can be refurb or no work needed.

Condition of the property is not really the main concern at the moment It’s more really about the motivation that we’re going to be looking for, for the seller and properties that have been on the market a long time will generally have a little bit more of a motivated seller associated them.

Once of the reasons for using Zoopla over Rightmove is you’ll have more information. Typically, on the website you get with Rightmove, you can get more information using Rightmove with added plug-ins. There’s something called Property Bee you can use, and that gives you some more datasets to play with. With Zoopla, it gives you a lot of extra information as well, which is great really.

What we’re going to do here is we’re not going to go too much into the detail of each particular property. We’re just going to start adding some to the short list. Then we can narrow it down later on. As you can see here you’ve got added on 9th of November, 2011.

The date of shooting this video, it’s coming up to the end of 2014, so it’s been on the market maybe three years if that’s correct, as in if that’s had no changes there. Just because the property has been on the market a long time doesn’t automatically mean it’s a motivated seller.

Sourcing Technique 1 –

Properties That Have Been On The Market A While


property clockObviously, if they’ve been on the market a while, then maybe they’re not too motivated, but it is a good sign that something might have changed during that timeframe.

Certainly, it’s gotten stale. It’s probably gotten old, and a lot of people haven’t maybe looked at that listing as a fresh listing, and it’s gotten a little hidden in the background.

These make great property deals to have a look at a little bit further because other investors might be missing out, or other investors might not be looking into the detail of them. It gives you an opportunity of something to look at. Three-bedroom house, guide price £94,000.

The guide price is usually if it’s an auction property, so that one might be going to auction. It may even have structural issues and stuff associated with it if it’s been on the market that long of time. It might not, but just as a tip.

One thing we’ve noticed with properties that have been on the market a while, sometimes they have been on and off the market in terms had sales agreed. Searches have gone through, and there’s been an issue with the search. Something has come up, and then they’ve gone back on the market because the buyer has pulled out.

There are things that you need to look at as an interested buyer that will make it more or less interesting for you really. I’m not going to go too much into each individual detail here. We’re just going to look at a little bit more information, and then save it.

Just very quickly as well as comparable, if you’re looking at these properties as a buy to let, without knowing the area, and knowing the post codes and the streets at this stage, you’ve got a three-bedroom house on the market for £117,000 and another one in the region of £80,000.

That can have very different rental yields because the rent income might be the same, but obviously the price of the property is a lot higher. If you’re looking to find a property to source on to another investor, these types of deals are going to be much more appealing because they’ll be higher rental yield.

They’ll give more options for an investor looking to buy it. It’s just something to bear in mind when you are looking at the properties.

We can save each of these, again another guide price that one might be going to auction as well. We could save each of these listings up to a certain date and add those in, or if one is looking like it may be quite highly priced compared to the others, then we can leave those out. The other one is £95,000.

We’ve got one for £80,000, £94,000, and then this one is a little bit higher, £117,000, so probably leave that one for now. It’s not jumping out for me in price range, and wise in terms of making it more appealing than the others. We’ll just see how we can narrow down this list a little bit further.

If we scroll all the way down to the bottom … We’ve got an October, 2013. You come into about a year in on the market now. Again, there’s more questions to be asked. You want to be speaking to the agent and finding out if there’s a reason why it’s been on for so long.

It’s maybe been on and off the market if there’s been any kind of situation that’s changed. Are there any offers accepted, any surveys been done or anything on the property?

There’s a whole host of questions you can ask. Again, we cover those in the property investment & development training course, and I can maybe look at doing another blog for you that goes into some of those and gives you some options of what to ask the agents as well.

I’ve just got a handful here so you can see the type of things that we’ll add in. They’re all around similar price ranges, £80,000 to £100,000. Obviously, you’ve got some that are a little bit higher.

I probably wouldn’t add these types of properties if you’re looking to sell them on to an investor. The renter yield is probably going to be a little bit too low for it. There may be other benefits in that property.

It might be what you perceive as a motivated seller, but if you can pick up a three-bedroom house for £82,000, or a three-bedroom terrace house for £125,000, you’re going to have to negotiate very well on this particular property to get it down anywhere near these levels.

There will probably be a reason for that in terms of the street that it’s on. The post code is obviously going to be different in the area or the estate. When you’re looking simply for a buy to let investment, you need to consider what other renter yield is going to be.

You need to consider what you’re paying for the property. If you’re a source for further investors, then those investors are going to be considering that information as well. It’s important to take that into account.

We’re just going to save some of these cheaper ones. They’re probably up to £100,000. If the list is quite short, I’d probably go back and maybe add some of the other ones.

Now you’re coming up to about April, so they’ve been on the market for six months, so I’d probably leave it there. If it’s been on the market for less than six months, it depends on how buoyant the area is.

If it’s a very buoyant area, then you’re going to be having property deals that have been on the market quite a short space of time before they get a proper sale agreed on it typically.

If it’s a more stagnant area, or it’s going down in value, or staying quite stagnant, prices are staying similar, not much activity happening, then properties will be on the market a lot longer. As you can see here, these ones have been on the market a little bit of time.

We don’t have any more now. We’ll just look at the dates in which they start going up. You’ve got April. Let’s go up a bit further, May. These are obviously the new listings, all the way up through until the newest listings in October, 2014.

If we’re looking for technique one, which is properties that have been on the market a long time, we’re not going to be adding these ones just yet. It’s just going to be focused on the other elements.

Sourcing Technique 2 –

Properties That Are Overlooked By Other Local Investors

the property investing mazeNext up, we’re going to be looking at properties that have had very little interest from the investors or the property buyers. The way in which we check this is how many times the property listings have been viewed. Again, Zoopla gives you this data which is great. You’d go to sort by, use the most popular filter. Then you can see here, viewed 500 times in the last 30 days, so that’s obviously quite a popular property. If we scroll down, and again go to the bottom of the page, we’ll look at all the properties that have had very little interest in the last 30 days.

These are the ones that are going to be worth having a look at a little bit further, and worth doing a view certainly speaking to the estate agent at least because they’re not going to be getting much interest from other property buyers.

As you can see here, they’ve not been viewed that many times, so typically they’re not going to be having many viewings in terms of actually at the property. We probably don’t have many offers put forward, so if the seller is motivated, they’re going to be even more motivated when they’ve had no interest in the property.

These could be very good deals to have a look at a little bit further.

Again, just being conscious of the price point, in terms of what we would maybe want them to be finding properties at if we’re sourcing more for their investors … £142,000 for three-bed might not work.

It might work. Obviously, you just need to know a little bit more about Jane’s criteria in terms of price ranges and stuff. The area is right. Three to four bedrooms is right. Looking to sell on to other investors is right. Let’s consider if we’re looking at maybe rental yield as a focus. Then we’re going to be wanting to buy it at a decent price.

That one is not bad. Viewed 45 times in the last 30 days, certainly interesting enough to add to our short list of potential deals really. Then if we click on page one … Again, just scroll right down to the bottom. This is almost like a reverse search really.

We’ll start to see a few more properties that maybe look a bit more interesting. Viewed 56 times in the last 30 days. Let’s add to that. It’s going to be a little bit pricier. Four-bed for £68,000. Let’s favorite, it’s the interest you want. As you can see here, we’re just trying to add a few more properties to our short list.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this in terms of a perfect target. If it’s been viewed less than 90 times, add it to the list. If it’s been viewed more than 90 times, don’t. It’s not quite as simplistic as that I guess, or even as detailed as that.

We’re not looking at trying to pinpoint a number on it because each area is going to be different. Not only that, it will also change. Sheffield might be different in a year’s time than what it is now.

That’s because it might be a bit more buoyant, or it might be a little bit quieter in terms of the activity happening in the market. You just want to compare it basically with the data that you’re looking at, at the moment.

If all of these were showing up as viewed only 30 times in the last 30 days, and even the ones at the top of the list, we’re going to be seeing something similar.

Then that’s pretty much what the market is. It’s not like the ones at the bottom of the list are going to be standing out, but these ones that have only been viewed 30 times, 40 times, 60 times in the last 30 days do stand out when you’ve got properties a little bit further up the list that have been viewed 106 times, 170, 200 times, 234 times. Hopefully, you get a feel of what we’re looking out for.

I’m trying to spot motivated sellers, trying to spot properties and sellers that aren’t getting interest from other buyers, and therefore, hopefully they’re going to be a little bit more motivated because they have not got those offers on the table.

They’ve not got the viewings happening. Also, the estate agent as well will be quite interested and quite keen to work with you on them.

Sourcing Technique 3 –

Most Reduced Properties and What to Look Out For

Third technique, we’re going to be looking at most reduced. If we click on sort by most reduced, very simple again so just keep it on the list view.

This is where we’re going to be looking at two factors. We’re going to be focusing on the biggest price reductions, and also the last reduced date. We’re to October, 2014 so near the end of 2014 now. Any recent price reductions in the last probably month, last four weeks are going to be quite interesting.

That’s a recent price reduction, and it’s a decent price reduction as well, so 15.4 percent. For any folks who own properties under £100,000 for our criteria if that was part of it, based on what we’re looking to do with the property, then obviously we wouldn’t be adding this to it. If our criteria is going up to £125,000, then it’s certainly interesting, so it’s certainly one that we would add to that list.

10 percent reduction, last reduced on the 30th of September, and it’s under £100,000. That’s an interesting one. Again, on the £100,000, it’s just a price range I’ve put in for this search that we can see which properties might fit best for selling on to further investors.

Nine percent, it’s not a bad reduction, but it was last reduced in March, 2014. How motivated the sellers might be … They’ve had no price reduction for six months, but they’ve probably not had a lot of interest as well for that six months.

Nine percent would be over that full period of time, so that would have been on at one point in time for maybe £110,000 or on around that level, and it’s had a price reduction. It’s probably been on the market for quite a while as well.

I’d probably add that actually. It’s not had a price reduction recently, and it might be missed by other investors. It depends upon the other criteria, and also the other property prices around that particular one, whether we keep it in the short list and whether we go to view it eventually. I’d certainly add it to the list at the moment. All of these are looking at over a £110,000 mark.

Then we’ve got half down here, so only a five percent reduction, last reduced in July of this year, so a couple of months ago, and it’s only been a five percent reduction since it came on. That’s probably not interesting enough at this stage for me to add to the criteria. We might pick it up based on other criteria that we look on next, but based on just price reduction alone, I probably wouldn’t add that one just yet.

If you were looking again, just bear in mind with how competitive you are in terms of the area. If you were looking in the market, and this was at the top of the list, there has been hardly any price reductions, and your first ones are coming up at five percent, then you’d probably add it, but when you’re looking halfway down the page, five percent is probably quite standard.

You’ve got a couple of three percents as well, but you’ve got some high ones, which you’ve already added to the list. It doesn’t interest me as much, those ones because they’re a little bit lower down for what the market is saying for the area. Hopefully that makes sense.

Sourcing Technique 4 –

Local Property Deals with Price Difference

Then the fourth technique … We’re going to go on to map view. We’re going to be looking at simply just the price differences between the properties within a very narrow area.

If we scroll down in this particular region, as you can see, most of the properties are focused around this part of Sheffield. I’ll search probably based around our price range. These Zoopla icons are properties that are on the market that we haven’t added. The ones that are stars are the ones that we’ve saved to the lists already.

price_differences_&_discounts_on_local_property_dealsWhat we’re going to be doing here is just clicking on the list, or clicking on the properties, and just really seeing if there’s any that stand out based purely upon the price range that they’re currently on the market for.

This one is on the market for £120,000. This one is on the market for £90,000. They’re quite close in terms of proximity.

This one is on the market for £120,000, £150,000, £120,00, £125,000, £115,000 and £146,000. There are some high-quality properties there. Then you’ve got this one, it’s out on a limb for £90,000. Then you’ve got one we’ve already saved for £82,000. Because the other properties around there are quite higher values, I’d definitely add that one to the list. It’s interesting enough to have a look at further on certainly.

We just do the same. We just replicate that search across this map, and click on them and just really see if there’s any prices that stand out. Again, this one is on the market for £150,000, and one just a couple of streets over on the market for £75,000. £130,000, £125,000, £135,000

Again, this one is well worth adding to our short list, and seeing how that matches up later on when we do a little bit more digging. I’m just going to speed this up now, go a little bit quicker.

Hopefully, you can see really the criteria that we’re looking at just to see if any properties jump out at us, because as we saw before, one was £75,000 and the rest in the area are going for up around £120,000 and a little bit higher as well.

Two around £105,000 mark, one there for £125,000, one for £145,000. They would probably interest me. It’s a little bit higher than £100,000 target that I set on the other properties that we’re looking at.

The other ones around it are quite high, £125,000-plus. You’ve got two here that are a little bit lower. They’re worth adding to the short list, especially if we’ve not got hundreds of properties. Adding a couple more will just give us something to play with really when it comes to focusing our efforts on viewings later on.

That’s pretty much it. We can go in and look as we skipped over some of these ones higher in the map and skipped over some of these ones down here.

Hopefully, it gives you a bit of an idea in terms of that full technique of what we’re looking out for. Just to recap, we’ve got four different techniques that we’ve used there in that Zoopla video that we’re using different filters for.

The first is looking at properties that have been on the market a long time. The second is looking at properties that have had very little interest. The third is looking at properties that have been reduced recently and for a decent level as well. Then the fourth, we’re looking at price differences within those particular neighboring streets and local properties really.

The whole reason behind this is it’s really just about short-listing some potential property deals. If we go to my Zoopla, favorites,

I’ll give us a list of all of the properties we’ve saved there. We’re up to about 30 minutes in this video. As I said, it was because I’ve been talking, and we were up to about 10 minutes before we went too deep into the search.

You can probably do this. It takes us about 10 minutes now to do it in the areas that we cover, and you can do it quite quick in area once you understand the different criteria they’re looking at. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it. You’re just trying to create a bit of a short list, and trying to narrow down the potential options for the properties.


Now, if you were particularly looking for refurbishment-type properties or properties that were already in good condition, then this is where you can go into the details, look at some of the pictures, look at the descriptions and further filter out how many properties you’ve got.

On that very quick search there, we’ve got 21 properties in our short list really. It’s not a bad number to go at. If we were looking to do viewings on those, it will obviously take us a couple of days or a couple of weeks to go around all of them.

It’s not a bad thing to narrow it down further. Also, there may be a couple of priority lists, one which is going to be your main priority for that week, and then another one which is going to be a second priority if you don’t find any deals that are going to be just up your street if it were.

One way to narrow that list as I said is if you click on pictures, descriptions to see if it ticks all the boxes you were looking for. Another way is just by focusing via the estate agent. As you can see here, Haybrook quite stands out with a lot of these properties. Saxon there has got a couple. Haybrook has got the majority.

Your first point of call really, would probably be a phone call to Haybrook, or arranging a time to go into the branch, having a chat with one of the negotiators, seeing some more information on the properties, asking the right questions, getting the right information to try and make sure there are motivated sellers, making sure they do fit the criteria for you.

That’s not a case of just going straight to the agent and saying is the owner of Lawson Terrace near Sheffield, a motivated vendor be willing to take an offer on the property.

There’s more sorts of ways to ask. There’s more less indirect questions that you can ask that will get you a lot more information as well.

If you want to see those questions, or if you want an idea of what questions we ask, just drop us a comment in the section below the video and I can put some of those in for you. We go through all of these different elements in the training course.

We have crib sheets and checklists and stuff of what you should do and what questions you should ask, what you should look out for on viewing and things like that, and within the training course as well.

I’m more than happy to give you an answer on some of those questions. Hopefully, it will help you along. If you want to see that, as I said, feel free to comment on the video, on the sections below the video, and I’ll get some of the information over for you.

Hopefully, you found that video helpful. Hopefully, you find it helpful as well Jane.

Obviously, it’s going to be for your area, so you can hopefully use some of these properties in your next search. If you wanted us to do one of these videos for your local town as well, we’re probably going to be doing one a week for the next couple of weeks.

Just put a comment in the section below the video, again just giving us an idea on who you are, what sort of things you’re looking out for, what areas you want us to focus on.

Then we’ll do a random choice as we did with this particular video next time we do the video, probably next week. Then we can try and get hopefully some property deals for your local town.

Again, hopefully you found that video helpful. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to catching up with you soon.

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6 Responses to “How To Find BMV Property Deals In Sheffield”

  1. Sheel says:

    Hi Rob, great video very informative. Could you kindly provide details on the subtle questions to ask Estate agents when calling/meeting them to determine whether the seller is motivated or not? Thanks

    • Robert Jones says:

      Hi Sheel,

      Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the video,

      The questions I recommened you ask the estate agent follow more of a process, than just asking a series of questions,

      If you follow a path you can ask the right questions before viewing, at the viewing and post viewing that will open up extra information so you can see how motivated the seller is, true reasons for selling and extra information that will help with your negotiations by offering other elements of your offer (like speed, certainty of sale, etc..) and not making it all about the price

      It’s quiet an in-depth process and we do a full topic in our on-line property training, but I’ll work on putting something together as an introduction to this strategy and way to negotiate and qualify deals with the estate agent in an upcoming article too,

      In the meantime, there’s some tips you can use here that work well with both the estate agent and direct to vendor negotiations

      Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Jane saxton says:

    Thanks Robert for choosing Sheffield to show how to source BMV properties . I am looking forward to sourcing some lucrative deals!

  3. Jane Saxton says:

    I am delighted that you chose Sheffield as the area to show everyone how to find BMV deals in their area. I look forward to some lucrative Lead finding for myself and other investors.

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