Introducing Richard Ignatowicz From Mortgage Savers

Richard Ignatowicz from Mortgage Savers, Wilmslow

The first in a series on buy to let mortgages with Richard Ignatowicz From Mortgage Savers. Richard is an independent mortgage adviser with a difference in that he is also a buy to let landlord and property developer who is, therefore, able to offer more practical advice than most mortgage advisers are able to offer.

Property Expert Series: Richard Ignatowicz From Mortgage Savers

Amy: Hi welcome to this episode with me Amy and I’m here with Richard Ignatowicz today from Mortgage Savers.

Thank you for joining us, Richard.

Richard: My pleasure.

Amy: And we’re here to talk about mortgages and everything financial. So, this is not my area of expertise so I’m going to let you do most of the talking here.

Tell me a little bit about what you do and what Mortgage Savers does, Richard.

Richard: We’re independent mortgage consultants, based in Wilmslow. We predominantly specialise in the buy-to-let arena which includes commercial, HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) and so on.

And, the difference is that my niche – I’m also a landlord. I do the talk and I do the walk – so I can also advise clients about how to actually do it in the field rather than just – like every other broker – getting them a cheap deal which everybody can do.

Amy: Fantastic. So tell me, Richard, a little bit more about your own property experience, because this is really nice to tie-in, as you say. You have personal experience in property, but also this what you do professionally too. So that must have a nice – must be reassuring for your clients, especially.

Richard: Yes. That’s how I would like to hope it would be. I’ve been a landlord for about 15 years now. Just recently I’ve expanded into HMOs. I’m having an HMO conversion in Oldham at the moment which is an office building being converted into a 9 bed HMO development and also doing a JV with some investors who – we’ve bought an office building in Ashton which is being converted into a building – it’s a mill and that will be converted into 18 apartments.

Amy: Wow, that sounds brilliant. Perhaps we will have to come and follow you up with that one and come and have a look at that one. That would be great.

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