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  • I had joined Robert Jones Coaching with full confidence after scrutinising lots of big names in the real estate training industry in the UK.The Personal touch, the up to date knowledge, eager to serve, on top of his emails, to give his best and to give it all what he has. It was not only coaching what we got from Robert Jones but he worked together with me continuously for about 8 months to get me a fantastic very high rental yield HMO and provided me with the best team I would have asked for. Rob, I couldn’t have done better. You are a True Coach, Mentor, Real Estate Professional and to top it a very dear friend. We will do much more business together and will love to refer you for the real estate coaching and mentorship by Property Investments UK.

    Asutosh Srivastava
  • Very helpful support, highly qualified team, which makes the process of choosing and buying the property much easier. Looking forward for the cooperation in the future.

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  • Rob has in-depth knowledge on the property market and has helped me acquiring my first buy-to-let investment property which currently yields a very good return. Looking forward to acquiring my second property in the near future and the assistance from Rob. A professional and excellent service that is highly recommended.

    Wallace Mak

We Have Deals In All These Property Strategies

Professional Buy-To-Let

A professional buy to let is a buy to let property, tenanted by professionals. By professionals what is meant here is people, in employment, who are able to pay their rent from their income.

Professional Buy to Let Deals Include

  • Location – Across England & Wales including Major Cities and Towns
  • Purchase Prices – From as little as £40,000 upwards. Average between £100-180,000
  • Rental Yields – Averaging 8% gross rental yields
  • Condition – Ready to let or sometimes already tenanted. Often new builds or recent refurbishments
  • Finance – Often can be funded with cash purchase or mortgage finance

Property Joint Ventures

Our property joint ventures are where we work in partnership with our investor clients to purchase, refurbish and resell a property development. They range in location and price range, but are all typically short term projects of 9-12 months and involve ‘flipping’ / reselling the development after the value has been added with the refurbishment.

Joint Venture Deals Include

  • Location – Often North West (locations are typically Manchester, Tameside, Salford, Chester, Cheshire, Wigan and Warrington)
  • Purchase Prices  – Starting from £100,000 for some projects although average property development size is circa £250,000
  • Rental Yields – Our resale/flip projects vary in returns. For full example and current deals please contact us
  • Condition – These are development projects with the potential to add value with refurbishments, planning gains, change of use or extensions
  • Finance – Joint Venture developments often suit and favour speed. For that, we ensure all JV partners are cash investors and are classed as sophisticated investors. For a full breakdown of what this means and requires please contact us

Professional HMO

A professional HMO is a house in multiple occupation (own bedroom and communal co-living space) that’s run for a particular tenant profile; professionals. Tenants of a professional HMO would all be in full-time employment and earning at a level where they are able to independently cover their own rent and bills.

Professional HMO Deals Include

  • Location – Major city locations where a tenants own bedroom and communal co-living accommodation demand is strong from professional tenants
  • Purchase Prices – Starting From £140,000
  • Rental Yields – Starting From 10% Gross in Major Cities and Averaging 14+ Gross in Towns
  • Condition – All recently refurbished to modern HMO standards of health and safety and tenant requirements
  • Finance – The properties are sold on a fair market value which represents the refurbishment to HMO standards and the professional tenant profile and income generating investment

Social Housing HMO

This is a similar model to a professional HMO and includes co-living with tenants having their own bedrooms but sharing communal living space like lounges and kitchens. The difference here is the ‘social’ aspect of the tenant profile. How this typically works is the property owner will lease the property to a charity, housing association, or a for-profit company/organisation, who will, in turn, manage the property and utilise it for their own housing demand; providing accommodation and support for their social tenants.

Social Housing HMO Deals Include

  • Location – Often town locations although some major cities, primarily in secondary and tertiary locations rather than competing with professional HMO prime city locations
  • Purchase Prices – Starting from £120,000, average purchases around £140,000+
  • Rental Yields – Ranging from 9% – 10% net yields
  • Condition – All recently refurbished to provide the needs for HMO safety standards and the requirements of the lease provider and councils
  • Finance – Often cash only purchases. There is a more corporate approach to financing if required as limited lenders compared to buy to let

Corporate Buy-To-Let

A rental or buy to let property becomes a corporate buy to let when the owner decides that, instead of renting it out to an individual for the medium to long term, they are going to rent it out to a company or organisation for the short term.

Corporate Buy to Let Deals Include

  • Location – Prime City Centre Locations like… Manchester, Birmingham, London, Luton and others
  • Purchase Prices – Prices starting from £150,000
  • Rental Yields – Yields start from circa 10% net returns
  • Condition – Ready to Let condition having been refurbished as part of a conversion or often newbuilds
  • Finance – Many are cash purchases, although financing options can be available with often a more corporate approach to financing if required as limited lenders compared to buy to let

Student Buy-To-Let

Student buy to let properties are often straight forward rental properties that are however designed to appeal to the student market, in both location and design. Often featuring more communal and co-living features than a traditional buy to let apartment and often studios and shared living rather than self contained one or two bedroom traditional apartments.

Student Buy to Let Deals Include

  • Location – Major city locations close to university campuses, key university buildings and social hubs (areas like Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham and others)
  • Purchase Prices  – Starting from as little as £40,000 with average developments being £60,000+
  • Rental Yields – Starting from 7% Net Rental Yields with many achieving circa 9% yields
  • Finance – Many are financeable with the main stream buy to let finance, however, for low price properties cash only purchases may be required as there are more limited lending options.

Whole Apartment Building

This is buy to let on a larger scale. Instead of purchasing one or two properties in an apartment building, we often source full apartment buildings for sale. These range from 4 unit buildings up to 20+ unit buildings and include a range of studios, 1 bed and 2 bed apartments, typically all with a professional tenant profile focus.

Whole Apartment Building Deals Include

  • Locations – Prime city or town locations close to all major amentites and transport links
  • Purchase Prices – Range from £500,000+. Averaging circa £1mil+ purchases
  • Rental Yields – Range from 8-10% on avergage Gross rental yields with a professional tenant focus
  • Finance– Suitable to finance or purchase as pure cash investments

Property Crowdfunding

You do not have to be a property expert or out finding property deals every day to take part in crowdfunding. Crowdfunding property purchases has become more mainstream lately and allows investors to get started with as little as £10 in some occasions and average starting points of £1,000, whilst investing with a range of other people with the platform managing the property deal to create a hands off environment. There are a range of deals available from buy to let through to development finance..

Crowdfunding Deals Include

  • Location  – All locations including Major cities, towns and even some rural barn conversions or land developments
  • Purchase Prices  – Development sizes can range from £100,000 to £1,000,000+ however often platforms are structured to allow investing from as little as £1,000 or even £10 on some.
  • Rental Yields  – Yields vary as some aren’t rented as long term properties but are more designed around development finance
  • Finance – Cash investments only with no ability to leverage with finance

Frequently Asked Questions

1/ Can I View The Properties?

Of course!

Viewings are available for buyers who have reserved a property and are proceeding with the purchase.

If the property is a New Build development viewings are available near the end of completion due to health & safety, but prior to that, you are certainly able to see the site location.

If the property is tenanted then it depends on the tenant profile if we can get internal access.

Professional buy to let properties are usually no problem, although the social housing HMO’s are difficult due to the nature of the tenant and the lease agreement.

However, due to the high number of inquiries we receive for the properties, we can’t arrange viewings for every potential buyer at the inquiry stage as this would disturb tenants unnecessarily.

So how does this work?

Once you have reserved a property, you are more than welcome to view the property and if it is anything other than described you can pull out of the purchase with no penalty, so you are 100% covered and there is no risk.

This protects you, the tenants and the seller.

2/ How Do I Reserve a Property?

Very Easily.

Once you have registered with us for FREE (to do this simply complete the 4 question 30 second survey above) then you will have access to all our latest property deals.

These will be sent to you via email and Whatsapp Message if you wish.

Simply select the property you like out of our latest property investments and when you have selected the property you wish to proceed with then the reservation process to progress your purchase is very simple.

Then the Process is:

  1. When you are ready to progress with a property you can make a reservation payment of £500.
  2. We will then take the property off the market and the sales process can start with all parties happy it’s secure & proceeding.
  3. We will then send a memorandum of sale to both your solicitors and the seller’s solicitors. This is a simple one-page letter confirming the buyer, seller, property address, target completion date and purchase price. You can use your own solicitor for your purchase so you can be 100% confident of the process.

3/ Are there any sourcing fees?

Some of the properties we secure come with only a minimal reservation fee of £500 and no other fees.

On average, however, the majority of our projects we charge a set sourcing fee at 3% of purchase price subject to a minimum sourcing fee of £3k per property if purchase below £100k.

For this sourcing fee, all sourcing and sales price negotiation are carried out for you and we can assist with any connections to key power team members to help assist your purchase including but not limited to – Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Letting Agents and even Refurbishment Teams.

This is fixed for all properties and all clients so as a buyer you know you’re getting a fair and fixed price.

This sourcing fee is only payable once the property has exchanged.

4/ How long does the sales process take?

You can have the keys in your hand in just 28 days for most of the properties and many are already tenanted and earning so you have an income from day one of your purchase!

If you are buying cash or have your mortgage AIP (agreement in principle) ready, 28 days should be no problem, however if you need more time to purchase we can discuss this with the seller and negotiate it on your behalf at the offer stage so you can proceed with confidence knowing you have the time you need to complete.

5/ Where do the property deals come from?

Having been established in the UK buying property since 2005 and having a base in Manchester in the North West of England, we have been buying property deals ourselves and with clients for 12+ years.

We have built up long-standing relationships with many contacts from estate agents, property agents, developers, landlords and solicitors, so we get introduced to many property deals often before they even come on the open market.

This network along with our own sourcing methods allows us to find and provide the very best exclusive direct to vendor property deals to our clients, coupled with strong local and industry knowledge to negotiate the very best purchase price and terms for our clients.

6/ Can you recommend letting agents or maintenance teams?

Of Course.

We can introduce you to letting agents, maintenance teams and any other contacts that you need to successfully build and manage your portfolio.

Some of our properties like the Social Housing HMO’s & Corporate Let’s come with full management in place!

These are the same teams and companies that look after our own personal properties and those of many of our clients.

For many of the properties we sell they will actually already come ready tenanted, recently refurbished and fully managed.

So you can proceed with confidence and know your property is being looked after from day one.

7/ If the deals are so good why don’t you buy them all?

Good question.

Simply put we don’t have the funds to buy every deal we come across and our focus is strongly on specific joint venture projects which are often developments and conversions.

All development projects we source we offer to our Joint Venture investors.

All ready to let deals we source we provide as available deals to our ready to go investors on our property investment deal page here. This includes fully refurbished and ready tenanted buy to let’s, HMO’s & Corporate Let accommodation.

So all of our property deals are offered to clients allowing you to choose your preferred strategy and get access to the very best off-market property opportunities.