Do You Really Want A Property Course To Cover Just One Strategy?

Property course. Just one property strategy?

Which is better, a property course where the focus is on one specific property strategy, or a course that covers a broader spectrum of strategies? Today we look at the pros and cons of each approach, narrow or broad.

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When A Property Course Is Too Narrow

There are a lot of property courses on the market where the focus is on just one property investment strategy. This can work well for some people. But, for many others – particularly those who aren’t entirely certain how they want to approach investing in property – this singular approach is not going to suit their needs.

Example: A Course On Property Sourcing

Let’s take, for example, a course where the focus is on property sourcing. What happens if you enrol on that course to discover that property sourcing is not for you? Maybe you realise that property sourcing is too time-consuming an activity to fit into your schedule. Maybe you realise that property sourcing is going to require more money than you have available, or, at least, more money than you originally anticipated.

It might just be that property sourcing and you, are simply not a good fit.

Finding A Property Strategy Plan That Works For You

So, maybe you have found that property sourcing is not going to work for you as a strategy. If that is the case then there are plenty of other avenues you could explore; strategies more suited to your individual situation; ways to balance the time you have spare with the funds you have available to invest.

The problem is that when property courses go too narrow or niche, they won’t help you to be flexible in your thinking. They won’t help you work out what is going to be right for you.

The Needs Of The Student

The truth is when a property investment course is too narrowly focussed on one property investment business model, the needs of (some of) the students are going to end up being neglected.

How To Approach Single Topic Property Courses

Of course, there are lots of fantastic property courses on the market that deal with a single property strategy. For some, possibly more advanced investors, looking to hone in on some particular property investment business plan template, such courses can be a goldmine of information.

But, if you are thinking about property training and/or mentorship, and are not absolutely sure on a strategy that is going to suit you, then I recommend that you look for a property investment course that has some variances to it.

If you want to go narrow then that’s great. But don’t go too narrow unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing and sure of what you want to achieve.

When A Property Course Is Too Broad

Whilst there are plenty of property courses that only cover one investment strategy, there are also courses that cover a lot of different strategies.

Here the problem can be that nothing is gone into in enough depth to be genuinely useful; that the course just skims the surface of necessary information.

Skimming The Surface

With courses that are broad but lack necessary depth what you often find is that you will get a good idea about a property investment strategy that appeals to you and your individual circumstances, but when it comes to taking action you realise that there is something missing.

It might be that content was missing from your training. It might be a question of the level of support that you enjoy. It might be that the course has failed to break a strategy down into step-by-step processes (and in property, processes are the linchpin of success).

The Best Of Both Worlds

The majority of students need a property course that is the best of both worlds. Choosing the right course can be a balancing act and you need to think carefully about what your goals are and what you need from your training to achieve them.

VIP Property Course From Property Investments UK

9 Property Investment Strategies

The property course and mentorship programme offered by us at Property Investments UK covers 9 property investment strategies.

That includes everything from straightforward vanilla buy-to-lets through to property sourcing, conversions, flip projects, serviced accommodation, HMOs and a whole lot more.

9 property strategies covered by Property Investments UK's VIP property course

What this level of training will allow you to do is get a really good feel for which strategy is going to be right for your individual circumstances.

And we don’t just let you know what the benefits of each strategy are, we also let you know what the downsides are as well.

We’ve been investing in property for over ten years and have tried every property strategy included in the course. As happens to all investors things haven’t always gone right for us. So, to help you get the whole picture, we also detail our mistakes; mistakes we’ve made so you don’t have to.

Actionable Content

In our course, we don’t just teach property investment strategy, we’ll also show you exactly how to turn your knowledge into action, going forward.

We look at how to know what kinds of property to look for in an what areas. We look at exactly what constitutes a good property deal; at what exactly makes a property right for a particular investment strategy and at how to negotiate with the homeowner or estate agent.

We look at the whole process from start to finish.

When you are looking for property courses, my advice is to try and find one that is neither too specific nor too broad.

You want something that covers everything which doesn’t also skimp on the details.

You want a course that gives you everything you need to be successful property investor. And this is exactly what you aim to deliver with our property investment course.

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