Does Buying A Repossessed Property Make A Good Buy To Let Investment?

Repossessed property

Repossessed Property is often seen by many investors looking at ‘buy to lets’, as a great option, but is it the best option? And do repossessions actually make good investments?

If you’re short on time…. then the quick answer is Yes they can make great investments!

And I’d also like to share with you how to find repossessed houses for sale AND how to spot which properties have been repossessed… 

But it’s also important to understand that not all repossessions will make good investments….

So how do you know what to look out for?

Well… don’t fall into the usual trap of getting fooled by the low marketing price and the potential to buy at a discount!

This is a common mistake many investors make, and competition for repossessions can sometimes be fierce (unless you know where to look) so bidding wars and gazumping are not uncommon, unfortunately.

I’ve written a separate blog on the pitfalls of buying repossessed houses for sale UK, but put simply, you need to look at repossessions in the same way you would do any buy to let investment.

You need to consider key fundamentals like the area, the tenant profile, the rental yield, it’s capital growth potential, your exit strategy, the ability to add value and then only after your happy the property ticks all of your other investment criteria… would I say to then consider the discount.

Here’s a cool property investment checklist i’d like to share with you which shows you what to look for in each of these fundamentals, and how much discount you should be aiming towards.

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Repossessed Property Statistics

Property investment is like any other market, it’s all about supply and demand.

So if you are serious about investing in buy to let properties and you want to know the number of local repossessions in your area.

Repossessed property statisticsThen take a look at:

>   The government statistics for court repossessions

>   Or check out the latest figures for repossessions on the news feed of the Council of mortgage lenders website

Buying Repossessed Properties

Now you know the statistics, if your looking at buying repossessed properties, then take a look at my blog on what pitfalls to look out for with repossessed properties for sale uk, or my blog on how to spot and find repossessed properties for sale.

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    • Robert Jones says:

      Fair enough comment Alexis,

      Their are some great potentials with repossessions, but the same with any property investment really, it’s all about spotting the right one’s, as not all of them make a great investment.

      The statistics are somewhat clouded by the current low interest rates at the moment, so i’m sure as soon as these start to rise, you will see more and more repossessions hit the market and then if you know how to spot the right investments you will be in a good position

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