Starting To Feel Stuck In Property?…. It’s About Progress Not Perfection

Whilst you may start of being ambitious with your property goals, and rightly so.. When your aiming for your next Milestone, Do you ever find yourself  overwhelmed?

Unsure where to head next. Unsure what to do next.

Then believe me you’re in the majority (not the minority) and we’ve definitely got something in common.

So let me reassure you this isn’t a problem. It’s to be expected .

Plateaus happen, it’s how you deal with them that counts.

Should you give up.

Hell no.

So what’s the answer?

Step 1 – Rest, Take a Break, Recuperate

take a step back to re-set your investment prioritiesI’m not trying to teach you anything new here today, deep down you already know the answers, but overwhelm happens easily and it happens to all of us.

It can also be restrictive if we don’t tackle it in the right way.

Sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and re-stock.

Rest, Take a Break, Recuperate.

That doesn’t have to mean a two week holiday on a beach.

Simply an afternoon off, time to yourself to either think about the solution… or even sometimes to just think about nothing.

Switch off your phone, switch off your computer and clear away any distractions.

If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these,  I would definitely recommend it.

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Step 2 – Re-set Priorities

After the break what happens next?

For some a break might be enough, but if you’re still feeling overwhelmed or just unsure, then once you’ve had a break it’s important to re-set your priorities.

If you’ve hit a plateau there’s a reason for it. Continuing to do the same thing won’t help so we need to re-set where your focus is.

Is a great way to get you back on track.

Simply getting your tasks and priorities in order helps clear the desk (and mind) of the most difficult tasks or the one’s your putting off. Once there out the way, it clears the path for you.

Life, business and property is about Progress not Perfection.

Perfection is a dream and a goal to aim for, but once you hit your goals, what happens next? Rarely if ever do people stop. We simply replace them with new goals.

This is a natural part of progression so don’t fight it by getting down-hearted if you’re not achieving ‘perfection’

It will always be a constantly moving goal-post, the sooner you allow yourself to embrace that, the quicker you can overcome any plateaus and keep yourself moving forward.

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Step 3 – Clear the Crap & Focus On Your Own Goals

Had a break… Tick!

Re-set your priorities… Tick!

Then what….

In an age of Social media and instant (& constant) communication you get bombarded with messages daily on how successful everyone is around you.

Depending on your personality type this can drive some people on.

But for the majority of us it can be restrictive, hold you back and limit your success.

If all your seeing daily is pictures and images of how Successful ‘Jeff’ is on Facebook posting  a new picture of his sports car then that can get tiresome very quick.

Don’t get me wrong. Vision boards can be great.

Having mentors, people to look up to and success stories to follow are great, but don’t constantly judge yourself to those standards.

I love what Elon Musk, Jayson Gaignard & Richard Branson are achieving, an electic mix, and inspirational figures to look towards  are great, but if I was to judge my daily success and results against there’s I’d get disheartened very quickly.

Were all different and we all have different starting points.

There’s a film I watched a few years back called ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ about Chris Gardner. You may have seen it. A pretty amazing story.

If you only have five minutes today, do yourself a favour and check out the biography of Chris Gardner.

He’s also written a book called:

“Start Where You Are: Life Lessons From Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be”

Steady progress is fine. In fact it should be expected and what’s more, over time it compounds.

So never down play it.

Ever looked in to what Compound Interest does?

Then just think about what you can achieve with small steps, and what compounding these small steps does to your success!

You’re not going to become a Property Millionaire overnight, and you don’t have to be smashing goals everyday to be on the right track, but the good thing is you don’t need to.

Steady progress should be your daily, weekly & monthly aim. Not perfection.

Goal setting for the next 6 months, 2 years & 10 years is great, but don’t forget the steps in between that gets us there.

There’s a Bill Gates Quote


Remember that on your next plateau and remember that life isn’t about Perfection it’s about Progress.

Property is no different.

So get started in making Progress!

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