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What These Properties Will Give You As An Investor

Multiple Developments Available – Showcased below is Fox Street, Liverpool

✔  Location   –   Liverpool

✔  Strategy   –   Student Buy To Let

✔  Yield   –   9% NET Rental Yield

✔  Price   –   £49,950 for En-Suite Cluster Apartments. £59,950 for Studio Apartments

✔  Rental Guarantee   –   2 Year Rental Guarantee From The Developer

✔  Further Guarantees   –   An Extra 3 Year Rental Guarantee from Residential Estates

✔  Purchase Prices Starting From   –   £49,995

✔  Rental Yields   –   9% Net Rental Yield guaranteed for 2 years. However, early investors can take advantage of the 3-year guarantee on launch.

✔  Sizes   –   En-Suites: 18sqm and Studios: 30sqm

✔  Lease   –   250 Year Lease

✔  Ground Rent   –   £250 for Management, £1,200 for Maintenance

✔  Availability   –   Limited – 561 Apartments in the Whole Development – 400 Sold Already

✔  Furnished   –   Fully furnished

✔  Exchange   –   Funds Are Held in Escrow Drawn Down on the Valuation Sign Off by the Architect and Solicitor



The Scheme will see the transformation of the Old ‘Swainbanks Antique Furniture’ building by not only retaining the beautiful historic architectural features, but also perfectly infuse them with a modern contemporary build extension.

With full residential planning and perfectly located within our very own City of Liverpool, Fox Street Village will see 312 Self-Contained Luxury Studios and 252 En-suite Bedrooms collated into 88 self- contained apartments.

Management Company

Galbraith Property Services: one of the UK’s leading property management services providers, consistently offering a professional, proactive approach to the management of property portfolios.

A range of services stretches across all sectors of the property management market, in the Midlands, South East, South West and Greater London area.


Primesite: Primesite Developments originated as a family run management team, and have developed property since 2001.

Originally residential developers, the team built over 300 residential homes ranging from one bedroom city centre apartments to five bedroom detached executive homes.

Since 2008 however, the team have diversified into various sectors including commercial office space, student accommodation and dementia care facilities, taking their portfolio tally to just over 800 units. Successful previous student developments include Lomax halls in Stoke, Penny Lane in Liverpool and they are currently in construction at the Fox Street development in Liverpool.


Behind the Scenes at Fox Street – December 2016

3 Bed Cluster Walk Through

Fox Street, Liverpool

  • 0.6 miles away from Liverpool John Moores University
  • 0.7 miles away from Liverpool Hope University
  • 0.8 miles away from Liverpool Lime Street Station

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1)   Why Buy Our Deals

2)   High Yields

3)   In Growth Areas

4)   Your Guarantee

5)   Your Benefits To Buying Our Deals

6)   F.A.Q.s

1. Why Buy Our Deals

Let’s be honest.There’s hundreds of websites selling ‘property deals’ and ‘investments’ across all kinds of locations and all kinds of styles, new builds, off plan, below market value, HMO’s (houses of multiple occupation) and even straight forward Vanilla Buy to lets.

But which one should you choose and why are ours any different?

And importantly why do our deals make better investments?

Well simply put, it’s because we focus on 3 core elements before any property is even allowed to make our shortlist of available deals and before we will put our name to them and offer them to clients.

These are…

High Yields. In Growth Areas. Covered with Our 3 Stage Guarantee.

Unlike many property companies or property sourcers, we take a very different approach.We don’t stack property deals high and sell on volume simply be a developer asks us to.

We are a boutique company. We focus on quality and hand pick our investments to ensure any property we list for our clients has high rental yields, is located in a growth area (population & employment growth is increasing in the town/city) and is covered by our 3 stage guarantee.

So how does this work..?

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2. High Yields

With the property market constantly changing it’s important to focus on the one factor that remains consistently important to your bottom line, and that’s cash flow.

This is an easy metric to compare deals by looking at the headline rental yield.

Although there are two yields to consider… NET & GROSS.

These are very different.

Many deals you see will be Gross yields and this is also true for any Vanilla buy to Let and even some HMO’s that we list.

That’s because judging the costs of running the property can vary deal to deal once you factor in management, maintenance, and other incidentals.

If we list a property with a Gross Yield they won’t be less than 6% Gross and many of our deals are 8%+.

However uniquely we also present some of our deals as NET returns.

This is absolutely unique to the market and we are able to do this because of the contracts and agreements we have in place with the managing agent on our Social Housing deals as they come with a 5 year fully managed lease and also on some of our Corporate let deals.

So you don’t have to worry about void periods or management costs.

This is a winning formula and why we like them.

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3. In Growth Areas

Capital growth is difficult to predict and even gambling on traditional growth areas like London, relying on house prices continuing to rise is no guarantee of growth.Property like any investment carries risks and market prices can vary.

Property like any investment carries risks and market prices can vary.

However, we can (with clever and in-depth due diligence) still make sure we give ourselves the best possible opportunity to benefit from growth.

From personal experience of investing in the North West I’ve seen prices change and sentiment sway on which is the next ‘up and coming area’ and which is ‘about to boom’.

It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus on these possible bubbles.

So we like to bring it back to basics.

The 3 key fundamentals that ensure growth potential is simple. These are:

  1. Current Population Growth
  2. Current Employment Growth
  3. Home-owner occupation and demand

Tick these 3 boxes and any area you buy in has the key triggers and foundations of experiencing property house price growth.

That’s what we look for in our locations before we list any property deal.

Only once were sure of the above criteria being ticked do we list them on our site and offer them to our clients.

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4. Your Guarantee

Whether you are based overseas, in the UK but out of the area, or even if you live right next door, buying an investment property can seem risky if you are not a regular investor.

Like any investment, property carries risks, but with the right due diligence you can mitigate these risks and that’s the key to the guarantees we provide with our ready to go deals.

These are your 3 step guarantees:

  1. Each Property has been personally viewed & vetted by someone from Property Investments UK or our partner companies to ensure the condition, figures and tenant profile are correct.
  2. You only pay a reservation deposit when you are 100% sure on the deal, we never ask for deposits just to provide you with ‘information’ like some companies do. We are 100% transparant on the deals from day one and give you all the time and figures you need to make an educated decision. In addition many companies may charge a full sourcing fee of thousands of pounds on day one for reservation deposits, this is unnecessary and risky, that’s why we are different, to secure one of our properties when you are ready to proceed it’s only a small reservation fee of £500, much less than our competitors.
  3. Once you have offered on a property and the vendor has accepted, you have secured the property. It will be removed from sale, not offered anywhere else and no higher offers will be accepted, allowing you time to complete in confidence.

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5. Your Benefits To Buying Our Deals

In addition to your guarantees by buying our ready to go deals you are enjoying the following benefits:

  1. Each property has been hand-picked and selected by me (Robert Jones) personally. So you are benefiting from my combined knowledge, contacts & experience of over 10+ years in the local North West property market. So you get the right location, right price & right property.
  2. These are hand-picked investments so naturally,each one is limited availability. These are individually sourced and selected based on our core elements above. High Yielding, Growth Areas, Quality Deals.
  3. We don’t do any sales tactics or use high-pressure call centres. If you are interested in a deal simply contact us and ask as many questions as you like and take as much time as you like to decide on a deal. We don’t follow you up with multiple phone calls and high-pressure sales, you are in control.
  4. All properties are Off-Market and Direct to Vendor.
  5. The majority of our properties are tenanted & cash flowing on day one
  6. We focus on established rental & re-sale areas and housing stock.

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In there we cover a range of different property strategies to help you get started on building a long term property portfolio or creating a cash flowing property business.

We also look at ways to increase your return of investment with any of the properties you may be considering and we also have a couple of cheat sheets and downloadable documents.

Just click the image below to join our free training course.

6. FAQs

Now I know you’ve very likely got some burning questions at the back of your mind and I want to be completely upfront from the start. So let’s answer them.

1) Can I view the properties?

2) How do I reserve a property?

3) Are there any sourcing fees?

4) How long does the sales process take?

5) Can you recommend letting agents or maintenance teams?

6) Where do the property deals come from?

7) Is this tenant profile right for me?

8) If the deals are so good why don’t you buy them?

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Can I View the Properties?

Of course!

Viewings are available for buyers who have reserved a property and are proceeding with the purchase.

If the property is a New Build development viewings are available near the end of completion due to health & safety, but prior to that, you are certainly able to see the site location.

If the property is tenanted then it depends on the tenant profile if we can get internal access.

Professional buy to let properties are usually no problem, although the social housing HMO’s are difficult due to the nature of the tenant and the lease agreement.

However due to the high number of enquiries we receive for the properties we can’t arrange viewings for every potential buyer at the enquiry stage as this would disturb tenants unnecessarily.

So how does this work?

Once you have reserved a property and your solicitors start the conveyancing process you are more than welcome to view the property and if the property is anything other than described you can pull out of the purchase with no penalty, so you are 100% covered and there is no risk.

This protects you, the tenants and the seller.

However as we view all the properties on behalf of our clients, before they even go live on the site, and we carry out photo and video inspections many of our clients (especially overseas and out of area buyers) prefer these than a physical viewing as it’s often a more efficient use of time.

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How Do I Reserve a Property?

Very Easily.

Simply contact us using the enquiry form above with the property address you wish to reserve.

Then the Process is:

  1. When you are ready to progress with a property you can make a reservation payment of £500. We will then take the property off the market and the sales process can start with all parties happy it’s secure & proceeding.
  2. We will then send a memorandum of sale to both your solicitors and the sellers solicitors. This is a simple one page letter confirming the buyer, seller, property address, target completion date and purchase price. You can use your own solicitor for your purchase so you can be 100% confident of the process.

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Are There Any Sourcing Fees?

Some of the properties we secure come with only a minimal reservation fee of £500 which secures the deal for you and we are paid on sale by the seller  – like a traditional estate agent method. This is often the case with larger new build developments.

Other properties where the seller is a homeowner or a smaller landlord we receive no fee from them as the seller so we charge a set sourcing fee for buyers of £3,000.

This is fixed for all properties and is easily seen on our site so as a buyer you know your getting a fair and fixed price.

This sourcing fee is only payable once the property has exchanged.

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How Long Does The Sales Process Take?

You can have the keys in your hand in just 28 days for most of the properties and many are already tenanted and earning so you have an income from day one of your purchase!

If you are buying cash or have your mortgage AIP (agreement in principle) ready, 28 days should be no problem, however if you need more time to purchase we can discuss this with the seller and negotiate it on your behalf at the offer stage so you can proceed in confidence knowing you have the time you need to complete.

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Can you recommend letting agents or maintenance teams?

Of Course! We can introduce you to letting agents, maintenance teams and any other contacts that you need to successful build and manage you portfolio.

Some of our properties like the Social Housing HMO’s & Corporate Let’s come with full management in place!

These are the same teams and companies that look after our own personal properties and those of many of our clients.

For many of the properties we sell they will actually already come ready tenanted, recently refurbished and fully managed.

So you can proceed in confidence and know your property is being looked after from day one.

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Where Do The Property Deals Come From?

Having been established in Manchester and the North West buying property deals ourselves and with clients since 2005 we have built up relationships with many contacts from estate agents, property sourcers, developers and solicitors, so we get introduced to many property deals often before they even come on the open market.

This network along with our own sourcing methods allows us to find and provide the very best exclusive direct to vendor property deals to our clients.

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Is This Tenant Profile Right For Me?

It’s important you know the pro’s and con’s of the tenant profile of the property your looking at buying.

To help see which tenant profile is right for you, please check out these articles here….

The Ultimate HMO Casestudy…. Which HMO strategy gives the best returns?

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If The Deals Are So Good Why Don’t You Buy Them All?

Good question.

Simply put we don’t have the funds to buy every deal we come across and our focus is strongly on specific joint venture projects which are often developments and conversions.

All the deals we sell on our ready to go deals page are ready to purchase as individual deals, ranging from fully refurbished and ready tenanted buy to let’s, HMO’s & Corporate Let accomodation. Perfect if your looking to hit the ground running with your preferred strategy.

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