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What is Property Crowdfunding?

  1. What is Property Crowdfunding?

Property Partner

  1. How to Invest in the Property Market Using Your ISA

Xavier Pullen from Property Partner

  1. Introducing Xavier Pullen
  2. What Type of Investor Typically Invests in Commercial Property?
  3. What Types of Commercial Property are Popular and Why?
  4. How Does Commercial Property Compare to Residential?
  5. Are Permitted Developments from Commercial to Residential a Good Idea?
  6. How does Property Partner Select their Commercial Properties?
  7. The UK’s Commercial Property Market and the Rest of the World

Marshall King from Property Partner

  1. Introducing Marshall King
  2. Fintech and Proptech | The Future of Property Investment
  3. How has Property Crowdfunding Changed Over the Last 5 Years?
  4. Property Crowdfunding and the Recent Changes in Tax on Buy-to-Let
  5. What does Property Partner have Planned for 2019?
  6. What Will Buying a Property Look Like in 10 Years Time?

Robert Weaver from Property Partner

  1. Introducing Robert Weaver
  2. Which Property Asset Classes do Property Partner Work With?
  3. What is Geared Property? Investing in Property with Debt
  4. How does Property Partner Select their Properties?
  5. What Due Diligence does Property Partner do when Selecting a Property?
  6. Do Property Shares Require Ongoing Management?

Ben Grove from Property Moose

  1. What is Property Crowdfunding and is it a Good Way to Invest?
  2. How Does Property Crowdfunding Work?
  3. Secured Loans and Property Crowdfunding with Property Moose
  4. How to Choose the Right Property Crowdfunding Platform for You
  5. How are Investors Protected with Property Crowdfunding?
  6. What is the Future of Property Crowdfunding?
  7. What are the Returns Like with Property Crowdfunding?
  8. Should I Invest in Property, Stocks or Shares?
  9. What Problems Could Crowdfunding Investors Face in the Future?
  10. What Due Diligence is Needed Before Investing in Property Crowdfunding?
  11. What Property Deals Work Best with Crowdfunding?