How To Grow A Property Portfolio From Only 50 Thousand Pounds

How To Grow A Portfolio Of 11 Houses With A £50k Deposit

We’ve always maintained that anyone can get started in property no matter what their financial circumstances may be. Today we look at how to build a property portfolio of 11 or more houses with a deposit pot of only £50,000. The strategy you will need to achieve this is called the ‘two plus one’ strategy. Read on to find out more.

Investing in HMOs in 2017

The Cases For And Against Investing In HMOs in 2017

Most investors know that houses in multiple occupation can make superb investments. HMOs supply rental yields that can’t be achieved with your standard buy to lets and in the right areas, the demand for affordable, flexible housing as offered by multi-let properties has never been higher. But, as with all things, there are downsides as well. Today we weigh up the pros and cons of investing in houses in multiple occupation.

property investment strategies

Property Investment Strategies | A Complete List

There are many ways to invest in or make a living from property depending on your circumstances. If you own or have the money to buy properties then there are many options for what you can do with your assets. But not having the money to invest is not a barrier to getting to getting started in the industry. Here we list the most popular ways to earn a living in property investment.

How Lazy Investors Can Make A Ton Of Money In Property

The Methods Lazy Investors Use To Invest In Property

Today we present a condensed guide to property investing for people who want to approach it in a hands-off manner; people who don’t want to invest too much time and effort in building a property portfolio but who are willing to make use of the resources, contacts and the wealth of information available to them.

The Property Investment Strategies Making The Most Impact In 2017

The Property Investment Strategies Making The Most Impact In 2017

Recent legislative, tax and regulatory changes are making it much harder to invest in traditional buy to let. But, property is still a very worthwhile asset class and rental demand has never been greater. Today, we look at three alternative property investment strategies that are working particularly well in 2017.

what is property crowdfunding

What Is Property Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding an investment, project, business or product by raising money – usually online – from a large number of people. Typically, with crowdfunding, each investor will only contribute a small percentage of the overall total.

how to start a property business

How To Start A Property Business in 2017

It’s well known that property is a great asset class that can give you a high income as well as a fantastic work/life balance. Today we look at how to start a property business whatever your personal situation, whether you’re cash-rich and time-poor or time-rich and cash-poor.

Property Joint Ventures - 5 Crucial Elements

5 CRUCIAL Elements To All Successful JV Deals

A property joint venture is more than just a business arrangement, it is a relationship that should be built to be sustainable over the long term. Making JV deals work requires honesty, open communication as well as shared values and goals. Today we look at the five crucial elements that underpin every successful joint venture partnership.

how to survive your first property joint venture

How To Survive Your First Property Joint Venture

If you are not used to doing them, property joint ventures can be daunting. Today, we look at the anatomy of a JV deal and at what someone new to them can do to make sure they survive their first one.

Property Investor. Property Mentor. Buy To Let Landlord. 12 Things I've Learned From A Decade As A Property Investor

12 Things I’ve Learned From a Decade In Property

I’m now well passed my tenth year working in property. I’m a property investor, a buy to let landlord, a property mentor and educator. I’m also lucky enough to be a joint venture partner with some fantastically talented individuals. Well, today’s article is about taking stock and trying to pass on some of the key lessons I have learned on my journey so far.