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Property Training That Really Works – Key Benefits to You:

Lifetime Email Mentorship Support – Unlike many other training providers were there to help when you need now and in the future. Your membership includes ongoing email support so whenever you have any questions about a property, deal or situation we have your back and we’re only an email away.

Start Making Money in Months and Not Years – Your training includes step-by-step plans & real-life strategies that work in today’s unique property investment environment.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes – By discovering how to buy the best property in the right areas. In 12+years of on the ground property experience I’ve made all the typical new investor mistakes so you don’t have to. I show you what to avoid & how to avoid it.

✔ Get Instant Access Now & Start with a 7 Day Trial – Try the training & make sure it’s perfect for you for only £9.99 now.

30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee – So you have time to road test the full training with a solid guarantee that if you don’t like it for any reason you can easily get a full refund.

Suitable for all levels of investors – Experienced & Beginners – Whether you are starting with £1,000 to invest, or £100,000, we have strategies that can give you regular monthly cash flow and help you grow a long-term profitable property portfolio.

Suitable for UK & International investors – We have clients from the UK and Overseas (ranging from but not limited to China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, U.A.E., Dubai, South Africa and many others) who join the training for information, support and network/contacts to invest in UK property.

Suitable across the UK – Your training has been designed to cover strategies and techniques that work across the UK in all markets geographically and all market conditions whether rising, falling or static house prices.

Access the training on your own terms – It’s all online so you can access, learn & implement everything at any time you wish, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

How To Join Your Vip Property Training Today

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the property course covers 9 property investment strategies

Our Testimonials

Join Successful Property Investors Like These Property Investments UK Clients

property training testimonial Lyndon Caine

After all expenses on my first deal, I am getting nearly £400 per month passive income PLUS benefiting from the recovering property market.– Lyndon Caine

property training testimonial Warren Richardson

If I could give you a round of applause over email, I would! …it really comes across how much hard work and thought you’ve put into this course! You have given anyone who does this course enough tools and info to just crack on and start sourcing deals, converting them and systemising their whole outfit.– Warren Richardson

property training testimonial Danko Puskaric

I’ve earned £800 per month cashflow from my first deal! Not bad starting from scratch only 8 weeks ago… Thank you.– Danko Puskaric

property training testimonial Ernesta Marku

The material is absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to read the rest of your training.. There is nothing I could add to these two topics as they covered everything and MORE!!! Great stuff.– Ernesta Marku

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Find Out More

How it works – 12 Reasons To Start Today

Watch now a full walkthrough of what’s included in your training course. Showing how you can get a running start and access to 9 different property strategies, including 4 strategies you can use to get started in property, even if you don’t have large deposits or a big starting pot to start with.

Learn From My Mistakes

You can learn from my experiences, so you don’t have to have that same long and boring learning curve…. and importantly don’t buy the wrong properties in the wrong areas, saving thousands and getting even better returns…

Why This Course Is Different To Other Training You May Have Seen

This is NOT any ordinary property development course or investment training. In fact, I hate to call it simply a course, boot camp or anything that might make you think you’ve heard or seen anything like it in the past, EVER. Why?…. Well because unlike ordinary Property Investment Courses….

Your Full Money Back Guarantees

We give you a number of guarantees to make sure your completely happy with your training. Including a full 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee – I’m confident that once you see what we have to offer you’ll be a friend for life and hopefully spread the word!
Check out our full Guarantees here …

FAQs…Like, is this Right for Me?

Now I know your likely to have some questions before you get started… Here we cover the main questions we get asked daily to help you make the right decision.
To find out more just click below.

What Happens Next? How Can I Join?

Time is precious and opportunity rewards only the action takers. The Property Market has some fantastic opportunities right now that you really don’t want to miss out on! See how to take action now and your next steps here…

Prefer To Talk?

Don’t Hesitate To Get In Touch

Ready to join but still got one or two unanswered questions… No problem… Let’s talk

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0161 731 0036

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Our 3 Stage Promises To You

➩ 7 day Trial With No Risk – Only £9.99 with full access to the training course, support & mentorship, you can cancel at any time with no further commitment.

➩ 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not 100% happy, you can contact me within 30 days of your membership start date and get a full refund… No questions asked.

➩ Full Support – Your training will cover all the information & support you need to create a cash-flowing property portfolio and business.

Training & Testimonials Disclaimer

Property investing, like any investment, carries risks.

It’s important to note that Results achieved in property or using our training course is only a typical and may vary from user to user.

For full details of our disclaimer please click here.

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Everything You Need To Know

  1. Find Out More
  2. How does this work?
  3. Profit From My Mistakes
  4. Why We’re Different
  5. 12 Reasons To Start Today
  6. What This Course Includes

Read on to Find out More…

robert jones

Hi, I’m Robert Jones.

I’m not some marketing magician or self-proclaimed property ‘guru’. Long story short, I’m simply a self-made property investor and devoted family man, ready to show you how to make a lucrative living investing in property.

Since 2013 I’ve been working one-to-one with Private Mentorship & Training clients and have been compiling over 12+ years worth of personal experiences, knowledge & proven strategies into one easy-to-master property course engineered to inspire you and deliver results.

I’m not talking about the hyped up yet utterly inane claims you might hear like making a gazillion per month in your sleep. I’m talking about building genuine, long-term wealth, investing in property.

The type of perpetual bounty that means never working for a boss or worrying about mortgage payments again, ever!

A property portfolio you can build in the next 12 months that will make you set for life…

Can you imagine yourself looking back to this moment 12 months from now and smiling instead of frowning?

What if by this time next year your property portfolio is spinning life-changing money month after month?

How Does It Work?

Now if you really want to learn something…. I mean REALLY get under the skin of a subject. Which would you rather do?

  1. Kill your time slowly with weeks of online reading, going to event after event and buying book after book, all the while hoping you don’t miss anything vital or receive the wrong information?
  2. OR… Get an approachable, professional and inspired property professional to give you everything you need in a step-by-step blueprint, All the strategies, All the tactics, AND actually coach you through the process until you’re successful?
The answer is obvious, right?

property mentoring

Well if that scenario excites you, then I have very good news… This is exactly what you’re given, in detail, in this unique Property Investment & Development Course.

Let’s make a Deal…

What if not only do I give you all of that, but I agree to work directly with you, answering your questions and mentoring you throughout the process of building your own thriving property business?

This would solve everything for you, right?

In exchange, I need you to take action. You need to be committed and you need to be passionate about being successful and joining an exclusive network of private investors.

I will give you a running start and access to different property strategies, including 4 strategies you can use to get started in property straight away, even if you don’t have large deposits or a big starting pot to start with.

property investment strategies

Your training will take place over a period of 12 weeks, with new content added every month.

So you won’t be bombarded and overwhelmed on day one, this will give you the chance to learn and implement each stage in your own time.

You will then continue to have ongoing access to the forum for help & support AND continued access to the private investors club & deal trading group!

In your training, we’ll even blow away the usual myths of needing a large bank balance to get started in property AND go into detail about exactly how to build a long-term Property Portfolio whatever you are starting position!

How You Can Profit From My Mistakes…!

In the early days,  I travelled the country going to property courses in London and sat through the weekend seminars… and wasted my time and money on course after course that was just hype and full of more upsells but never gave me any actionable advice…

But I learned there was a better way, so if you are just as sick and tired of that crap as I am, stick around…

You can learn from my experiences, so you don’t have to have that same long and boring learning curve.

property mentor

In 2005 I started out with no skills, no contacts, and no clue.

I ended up losing thousands because I didn’t know any better. Not just in money, but in lost time too…

However, the years spent learning from my mistakes has now become my greatest source of income (& experience!).

I realised that real wealth requires commitment, knowledge, timing and the willingness to learn & the courage to follow your intuition…

Today I have a property portfolio clocking double figures, several successful on-going joint ventures and can afford to spend my time and money on anything I choose.

As a family man, I’m thankful for the extra time I can enjoy at home instead of chained to some forsaken desk.

As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the low overheads and freedom to work from anywhere.

The fact that I don’t have stock to sell, don’t have to deal with staff and run everything from a laptop is just a bonus!

create freedom with investing courses

Making your living as a property investor & property developer means you no longer have to trade your precious hours for pounds, worry about a pension, or sentence your hard-earned cash to death in a savings account.

The path to big money, true security & real freedom is through property and I can’t wait to show you how to achieve all three and never need a JOB again!

Why Is This Different To Any Other Mentorship or Training Options Available To Me?

This is NOT any ordinary property development course or investment training. In fact, I hate to call it simply a course, boot camp or anything that might make you think you’ve heard or seen anything like it in the past, EVER.

Why?…. Well because unlike ordinary Property Investment Courses….

There are NO upsells, follow-up courses or ‘advanced classes’ promoted in your training. You simply won’t need anything like that. Everything you need is already included.

It’s a much lower investment than many other competing courses, training or property mentorship. Why? Simply because you deal directly with me and I don’t have the same high overheads of many of the corporate training companies. No need for central offices, sales staff or high marketing costs. Your investment in your training is kept low so you can focus on investing more in your properties.

It’s suitable for everyone. Whether you have a starting budget of £1k to £100k or above we cover 9+ different strategies including income generating and cash flow based strategies like deal trading to portfolio growth and asset-based like Buy to Lets & Hmo’s. So whatever your starting point you’re covered.

You get access to benefits not available anywhere, like my little black book of contacts that I have generated over 12+ years of investing & access to unique off-market property deals that aren’t available to anyone else.

This is NOT simply a data dump of information based on ‘theory’. Everything is here is based on real-life experience gained over 12+ years in the trenches that have given me a double-digit property portfolio, several successful joint venture partnerships and a passive ‘retirement’ income. It covers exactly what works AND more importantly what doesn’t (including why!).

12 Excellent Reasons To Start Your Training Today

Let me give you a peek behind the curtain…. In your membership you will be shown exactly, in detail:

 Module 1 – Discover how to build a property business that doesn’t have the usual pitfalls of traditional companies. Never have to worry about employing staff again. I’ll show you how you can easily scale to whatever size and income you need, with a blueprint to a truly ‘hands-free’ business model with fixed, accountable goals that guarantee faster results.

 Module 2 –  9 Different Strategies to get you making money in property in months, not years, regardless of your starting position, whether you have £1k in the bank or £100k (4 of these strategies you can get started with immediately. Even on a shoestring budget).

Module 3 – Never look at a bad deal again. By using ( & understanding) the seven golden rules of property investing. I’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes newbies (and many professionals) make daily on their deals. This will literally keep £10k+ in your pocket on every property you buy! By breaking down in step-by-step detail, how to buy in the best areas for Capital Growth AND  attract the best tenants for cash flow.

making money in property

Module 4 – Never overpay for a Property again! Learn how to value properties correctly (for both sale & rent). This skill alone will ensure you never again overpay for a property AND you’ll know how to put more money in your pocket, by getting the highest income achievable per property, per month.

 Module 5 – I’ll show you how to set up the right power team of contracts (letting agents, mortgage brokers, refurbishment teams, solicitors, accountants & more) so you’ll never have to work hands-on again. Your power team will do all the work, allowing you to systemise, scale & grow!

 Module 6 – We go into detail on how to spot 10 Signs of ‘Motivated Sellers’. This underground knowledge will drop deals in your lap that other investors always miss. Whilst halving the time you spend negotiating on them AND giving you a waterfall of deals with 15-25% discounts.

 Module 7 – I give you 5 different methods to source bargain properties within 10 minutes of your own home. For free. With absolutely zero spend needed on marketing.

 Module 8 – You’ll discover how to effectively qualify leads so you can save countless hours by only viewing the right properties.

 Module 9 – Learn 6 different methods to find & secure deals before ANY other local investor even has the chance. (These work in any area!)

negotiation tactics & techniques

Module 10 – You get in-depth (estate agent proof) negotiation & viewing tactics & techniques that even the most seasoned of local investors won’t know about. This will see you doing more deals with larger discounts than any of your competition.

Module 11 – Discover how to find Investors & Joint Venture Partners on tap…. to partner with and fund your unlimited success & growth.

Module 12 – The cherry on the cake. The step-by-step process (& cheat sheets) to rent your property faster, to better tenants & for more money.

Bonus – Rob’s Little Black Book – Save time and shortcut over 12+ years of experience, knowledge & expertise with access to ALL of my Property Contacts, Networks, Power Team & Resources.

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What the Course Includes – Comparison Chart

£9.99 - 7 Day Trial
Full VIP Property Training
Full Online V.I.P.
Property Training
Full Online V.I.P.
Property Training
with Phone & Email Mentorship

£9.99 Trial Followed by £497
One Time Payment
£497 One Time Payment£997 One Time Payment

Module 1 - Discover how to build a property business that doesn't have the usual pitfalls of traditional businesses
Module 2 - 9 Different strategies to get you making money in property within months not years
Module 3 - Never look at a bad deal again. By understanding the 7 Golden Rules to analyze any property deal
Module 4 - Learn how to value properties correctly (for both sale & rent). Never overpay for a property again!
Module 5 - How to find, choose, setup and manage your Power Team of Contacts (letting agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, accountants & refurbishment teams)
Module 6 - How to spot the 10 Signs of Motivated Sellers to find genuinely discounted deals
Module 7 - 5 Systems to source bargain on the market properties within 10 minutes of your own home
Module 8 - Learn how to qualify properties so you only view the right ones and save time
Module 9 - 6 Systems to source of market property deals giving you the advantage over any other local investor
Module 10 - Pro Negotiation & Viewing Tactics and techniques so you can do more deals at bigger discounts than before
Module 11 - Discover how to find investors & joint venture partners on tap so you will never run out of funding
Module 12 - The cherry on the cake, step-by-step process & cheatsheets on how to rent your property faster, to better tenants & for more money
Access to Little Black Book of Contacts - Short cut 12+ years learning curve by getting direct access to all of my network, contacts & resources
Private Members Club - Deal trading network to get access to property deals not available anywhere else
Email Mentorship - ask any of your property questions by email to the Property Investments UK team and get the support you need to keep your property portfolio growing
Phone Mentorship - ask any of your property questions by phone (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm) to the Property Investments UK team and get the support you need to keep your property portfolio growing
£9.99 Trial Followed by £497
One Time Payment
£497 One Time Payment£997 One Time Payment
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