In this series on finance and tax, Amy Varle talks to Kristen Durose from Red Star Wealth about finance and tax for buy-to-let property investment.

Kristen is an independent financial advisor, based in Blackpool, with over twenty years experience working with property investors and buy-to-let landlords.

Over the course of their discussion, Amy and Kristen cover the introduction of mortgage interest rate tax relief and Section 24, changes in Stamp Duty on second homes, Capital Gains Tax and at whether or not landlords and property investors should be looking to incorporate a limited company for their property portfolio.

They also look at what Brexit means for the UK housing market, at common problems with property joint ventures, at how aspiring investors can use their pension funds to invest in property and more generally, they examine the state of the property investment market in 2017.

what can go wrong with property joint ventures?

What Can Go Wrong With Property Joint Ventures?

Property joint ventures can be fantastic but what happens when things go wrong? Today we look at how planning can help you to survive the unexpected. Nobody likes to think about things like ill-health, death or relationship breakdown but discussing these things when times are good is a lot easier than discussing them when something serious has already gone wrong.

Can I use my pension to invest in property

Can I Use My Pension To Invest In Property?

Since 2015 people have had a lot more freedom to decide what they want to do with their pension. But is using it to invest in property a viable option? The answer is yes but there are certain restrictions. If you try and take all of your pension money at once there will be income tax to pay. And if you invest in property using your fund as a vehicle then you are limited to commercial property only.

what will the post Brexit property market look like

What Will A Post-Brexit Housing Market Look Like?

More foreign investment – A fall in available labour – An increase in the price of construction materials. What will Brexit mean for the UK housing market (and there are a lot of issues, flying under the radar, that aren’t getting a great deal of media attention)?

Setting up a buy to let limited company - the way forward for landlords?

Buy To Let Limited Companies – Why Are Landlords Considering Them?

A lot of investors are currently taking the decision to set a limited company for their buy to let properties. But, this won’t make sense for everyone. Whilst it is true that corporation tax can be lower than personal tax there are many other charges and complexities involved in this approach.

Is There Still An Appetite For Investing In Property In 2017

Is There Still An Appetite For Investing In Property In 2017?

Whilst true that the returns from investing in property are lower today than they have been in the past, investors are still keen on bricks and mortar. A big draw is that with property is more tangible than stocks and shares – you can see and touch it. But before diving in you need to manage your expectations and know exactly what your overheads are going to be.

how does capital gains tax on property work?

How Does Capital Gains Tax On Property Work?

Capital gains tax is a tax that is payable on profit made from the sale of an asset. But, this tax works differently when it comes to selling property than it does with assets such as stocks and shares. Capital gains on property have to be declared earlier and they can be taxed at a much higher level as well.

changes in stamp duty

What Investors Need To Know About The Changes In Stamp Duty

Recent changes in stamp duty land tax essentially mean a 3% tax on all second homes costing over £40,000, It is a tax, aimed directly at landlords and property investors. Here we look at exactly how it applies and at who it affects.

what is section 24? The Tenant Tx. Buy-to-let tax changes

Section 24 And What It Means For Buy-To-Let Landlords

Buy-to-let tax changes under the guise of Section 24 or the Tenant Tax are making some forms of property investment much less profitable. Today Amy and Kristen look at what Section 24 is, when it is being introduced, and at what buy-to-let landlords need to know to survive it.

Kristen Durose from Red Star Wealth, Blackpool

Introducing Kristen Durose from Red Star Wealth

The first in a new series on property finance with Kristen Durose from Red Star Wealth. Kristen is a financial advisor who helps experienced property investors and newcomers to the field navigate the complex world of finance, offering advice and guidance on mortgages and taxation.