Headshot photograph of Jake Barlow, founder of Property Store

Jake Barlow

Founder at Property Store

Property Investment Technology

Jake Barlow is a modern-day property entrepreneur who, alongside his wife Nicola, has transformed a modest savings of £70,000 into a thriving property portfolio worth £1.5 million within a span of three years. This remarkable journey initiated a venture that tackles the inefficiencies of the property investment sector, leading to the inception of Property Store.

With a background in financial banking and app development, Jake's foray into the property sector was driven by a desire to streamline the property investment process. The traditional 9-to-5 job routine soon made way for a more adventurous and fulfilling endeavour as Jake and Nicola delved into the realm of property investments. However, the outdated software in the property sector soon became a bottleneck to efficient operations.

Identifying a glaring need for a modern solution, Jake, with his technical acumen, along with Nicola's expertise in corporate branding, conceptualised Property Store. This venture was less about the flair of entrepreneurship and more about addressing a systemic issue within the property investment domain. The objective was clear: to create a platform that simplifies property management for investors.

Today, Property Store manages assets worth over £300 million, with an impressive 30,000 properties updated every month on the platform. It’s not just a business but a community of 'Store Troopers' - a network of property investors benefitting from the streamlined processes Property Store offers.

Jake's experience as an Agile qualified Programme Manager has significantly contributed to the strategic growth and operational efficiency of Property Store. His ability to liaise effectively at board level and manage commercial programmes showcases a blend of technical expertise and business acumen, honed over years in both the financial and retail sectors.

The journey of Property Store is more than a business success story; it's a narrative of addressing market inefficiencies with innovative solutions. It reflects Jake’s and Nicola's commitment to not only build a successful venture but to contribute to modernising the property investment sector.

Jake’s story is an inspiring narrative for many aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with the right blend of expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of market needs, it's possible to create solutions that fill existing gaps in traditional sectors. Through his article, Jake shares his insights and experiences in the property sector, aiming to guide and inspire others on a similar path.