The highs and lows of working in social property investment

What Are The Highs And Lows Of Working In Social Property Investment?

Today I’m going to talk to you about the highs and lows of working in social property investment. The highs are when it goes right – and everyone involved sees their life dramatically improved and the lows are when it goes wrong, normally when the wrong tenant is placed in the wrong property.

Buy To Let Property Investment in Manchester

Buy To Let Property Investment in Manchester

Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage. It is the largest economic area outside of London with £56 billion gross value added (GVA). Manchester boasts two internationally renowned football clubs, a world-class orchestra, a film and TV production industry and a rich musical heritage – and it really is the hotspot on the map for property investment in 2017.

Collaborative Working With The Third Sector, housing associations, food banks, non-profit organisations, voluntary groups

An Introduction To Collaborative Working With The Third Sector

Today we looking at how property investment projects can be enhanced by collaborative working with the third sector. By the third sector, we mean housing associations, charities, non-profit organisations, voluntary groups like street teams and even food banks. Engaging with the third sector can really put a sparkle on your property projects, making them both more profitable and easier to run.

Tenant Referencing

A Landlord’s Guide To Tenant Referencing (In Social Property)

With homelessness levels soaring across the UK, the need for an increased affordable housing supply is reaching crisis point. More and more investors are exploring innovative ways of working with the public and third sectors in order to meet the demand for rental supply – but how do you protect your risk when operating within the ‘social’ marketplace?

A beginner's guide to investing in property

A Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Property

Want to invest in property but aren’t quite sure where to start? Today we are publishing training content that was previously only available to subscribers, where we look at why property investment is the perfect pension plan, the best possible source of passive income and the perfect job replacement strategy. But, more importantly, we look, in detail, at how you can get started on your journey to autonomy and success in property.

what is housing first

What Is The ‘Housing First’ Homelessness Strategy?

Over the next few years, the ‘Housing First’ strategy for tackling homelessness is going to be rolled out in a big way, across the UK. Today Amy looks at what the Housing First model is, what it means in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, and explains what property investors need to know if they are looking to get involved.

What's the difference between affordable housing and social housing

What Is The Difference Between Affordable Housing and Social Housing?

Today Amy looks at the difference between affordable housing and social housing and more specifically at how landlords can team up with charities, local authorities and other external agencies to mitigate the risks involved in housing vulnerable tenants while still turning a profit investing in social property.

Amy Varle from Social Property Investment

Rob Introduces Amy From Social Property Investment

As a property investor or landlord, would you ever consider allowing a homeless person to live in one of your houses? Today, Rob and Amy discuss Amy’s background in social housing and look back to their first project together which saw a local housing allowance tenant placed, after a time of homelessness, in one of Rob’s properties.

Shared-living in the USA and UK

Shared Living In the USA and UK

In my last article, I talked about Housing 2.0, Ted Hayes and the tiny home movement in the USA and about how we in the UK can take inspiration from afar when it comes to the design of homes in Britain. Shared-living has been a common way of existence in America for decades. The concept has evolved somewhat over the years and during my trip to California and New York I visited some highly innovative examples of this model in practice.

housing 2.0, Silicon Valley. Lessons from the USA

Housing 2.0 (Lessons From The USA)

In January 2016, I was thrilled to be awarded a Travelling Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, enabling me to venture all the way to America in my quest to find alternative solutions for homelessness issues in Britain. This once-in-a-lifetime venture was an incredible learning experience, enabling me to connect with the professionals and services I had respected and admired for so long, from afar.

Introducing Social Property Investment

Social Property Investment

Towards the end of the homeless housing pilot scheme I completed in Manchester between 2013-15, an investor I’d worked with regularly since the beginning approached me with regards to creating a ‘model’ property; one where we could take all of our learnings from the previous two years to create a stunning example of innovation in affordable housing options.