specialist mortgages for property investors

An Introduction To Specialist Mortgages for Property Investors

Today Amy and Richard look at mortgage products for property investors and at what the biggest trends are in the property investment industry when it comes to financing. HMOs are, of course, very popular at the moment but do these need a commercial mortgage or are buy-to-let mortgages available for these kinds of properties?

How To Grow A Property Portfolio From Only 50 Thousand Pounds

How To Grow A Portfolio Of 11 Houses With A £50k Deposit

We’ve always maintained that anyone can get started in property no matter what their financial circumstances may be. Today we look at how to build a property portfolio of 11 or more houses with a deposit pot of only £50,000. The strategy you will need to achieve this is called the ‘two plus one’ strategy. Read on to find out more.

Kristen Durose from Red Star Wealth, Blackpool

Introducing Kristen Durose from Red Star Wealth

The first in a new series on property finance with Kristen Durose from Red Star Wealth. Kristen is a financial advisor who helps experienced property investors and newcomers to the field navigate the complex world of finance, offering advice and guidance on mortgages and taxation.

Andy Thompson from SDL Auctions

Introducing Andy Thompson from SDL Auctions

The first in a new series on property auctions with Andy Thompson From SDL Auctions. Auctions can be fantastic places to secure BMV deals but for the newcomer, they can be very daunting places. The trick is to take your time and learn the ropes before you commit to pulling out your chequebook.

Richard Ignatowicz from Mortgage Savers, Wilmslow

Introducing Richard Ignatowicz From Mortgage Savers

The first in a series on buy to let mortgages with Richard Ignatowicz From Mortgage Savers. Richard is an independent mortgage adviser with a difference in that he is also a buy to let landlord and property developer who is, therefore, able to offer more practical advice than most mortgage advisers are able to offer.

Investing in HMOs in 2017

The Cases For And Against Investing In HMOs in 2017

Most investors know that houses in multiple occupation can make superb investments. HMOs supply rental yields that can’t be achieved with your standard buy to lets and in the right areas, the demand for affordable, flexible housing as offered by multi-let properties has never been higher. But, as with all things, there are downsides as well. Today we weigh up the pros and cons of investing in houses in multiple occupation.

property investment strategies

Property Investment Strategies | A Complete List

There are many ways to invest in or make a living from property depending on your circumstances. If you own or have the money to buy properties then there are many options for what you can do with your assets. But not having the money to invest is not a barrier to getting to getting started in the industry. Here we list the most popular ways to earn a living in property investment.

the perfect rental yield

How To Work Out Rental Yield For A Buy To Let Investment

When investing in property the singularly most important factor, that will make or break your business, is your ability to calculate rental yield. Whether you are new to investing in property and looking at your first house, a landlord with a number of properties under your belt already… or even a manager of a large portfolio – it doesn’t matter – calculating the rental return of your properties is something that you cannot overlook.

Refurbishment Costs

How To Manage Property Refurbishment Costs

Whether you are managing a buy to let portfolio or looking to become a property developer with buy to sell, property refurbishment is going to be key to your success. Refurbishing your properties will increase their value, make them more attractive to your tenants and decrease what you will have to spend on maintenance. But, you will need to manage your refurbishment costs and know what to avoid.

local housing allowance LHA

What is Local Housing Allowance (LHA)?

The rules and processes around Local Housing Allowance are intricate, complicated, variable (depending on the local authority) and constantly changing. Here we look at exactly what LHA is, who is eligible for it, how it is changing and most importantly what it actually means for a landlord to have a tenant in receipt of it.

creating social value for your property projects

What Is Social Value and What Does It Mean For Property Investors?

Most property investors are acutely aware of the housing crisis which Britain is currently facing and many, working in the private property marketplace, are exploring new ways of increasing accommodation supply for those who are most in need. Today, we look at what social value is and how it can be created within social and affordable property projects.