Why Weekend Property Seminars Won’t Make You A Millionaire Investor

Property seminars can be great, but the wrong format and they can be an inefficient use of time and really slow down your learning on how to make money in property and getting on the road to becoming a millionaire investor. Today we look at the problem of relying on weekend seminars to learn your craft and at why the right online property courses are going to get you to where you want to be much faster.


1/ What Are Property Seminars?
2/ Property Investment Education
3/ Property Investment Seminars Are Slow
4/ Seminars Are Just Too Condensed
5/ Online Property Courses Are More Scalable
6/ Online Property Courses Are More Accessible
7/ Property Seminars Are Expensive
8/ Putting It All Together

What Are Property Seminars?

It is common for property training in the UK to take the form of a seminar. These can be held in the evening or over a weekend and are a little like being in a classroom. Everyone meets in a hotel or some other venue to see a speaker who talks to the crowd about some aspect of investing in property.

Property Investment Education

If your ambition is to be a property investor then you need to ensure that you are properly educated in the business. There are four distinct types of property investment education. There is self-directed education (reading blogs and articles), there is structured property training that you can do online, there are mentorship schemes you can join and lastly, there are property seminars on all aspects of the industry.

Of course, I’m not about to start knocking property investment education. I’ve written a lot of articles on why the right education is essential to succeeding in property.

I am however going to try and discourage you from relying on property seminars which I believe can hurt people’s potential to become ‘millionaire investors‘ and actually stop them from being able to grow their portfolios as fast as they could otherwise be grown.

Property Investment Seminars UK Are Slow

I don’t mean that the pace of your average property seminar is slow. In fact, they can be quite exciting to attend. What I mean is that, if you rely on attending seminars for your property education then you are going to learn about the industry very slowly indeed.

An online property investment training course will get you where you need to be much faster.

With an online course, you can access the content on demand when you need to. There isn’t any waiting around. Compare that to a seminar where you can be waiting for weeks or months for the right event.

If you have questions regarding an investment strategy, research method, negotiation technique or some hot topic you don’t want to be waiting weeks for the opportunity to ask an expert. You want someone you can reach out to immediately.

And it’s this instant access both to information and to an expert, that an online property investment training course can offer but, by their nature, property seminars cannot.

Waiting for information can really set you back and if you are an active investor this wait can really hurt the property deals you are looking at.

Airport waiting room. Why spend your time waiting around?

New investors and people who are just starting to learn the industry, for the most part, just want to get started. Why be waiting for a weekend event when you can spend every spare minute on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, getting stuck in and your new career off the ground?

Seminars Are Just Too Condensed

If you want to become a millionaire investor then it’s not enough to be told what you need to do, you need to be sure that the information has properly sunk in. The theory you have learned needs to be actionable and for that to be the case you need to have really thought it through.

Ultimately, when it comes to property seminars, there tends to be a lot of information thrown at you in a very short space of time such as an evening or a weekend.

If you’re new to property, you will, of course, be trying to make yourself as spongelike as possible. You’ll want to be taking as much in as you can.

But, chances are you that at some point you will become overwhelmed.

Too much will fly over your head and when it comes to looking back at what you’ve learned from the seminar you’ll realise there are gaps and important ones at that.

Because attending the seminar will be people at all levels of experience. The speakers will be trying to find a balance. They will want to talk about their experience and about a particular concept or topic.

If you are only one of a handful of people in the audience that doesn’t know the background to the topic being discussed and the speaker has decided that covering the basics wouldn’t be helpful for the majority of people, then interesting as it might be for you the chances are that you won’t learn anything that is useful or actionable.

Ideally, you want to learn in an environment where you don’t get overwhelmed, where you can recap over topics that you’ve covered, where the background to everything you are learning is properly explained.

And, this is exactly what an online property course can offer, over and above, a property seminar.

So if you want to learn about the art of negotiation, or about how to choose the best area to invest in; if you want a recap of a particular strategy or go over accounting again; an online course lets you take things at your own pace.

You can jump around topics if you want, you can take your time to make sure a particular topic has been fully ingested. You can have complete control.

That’s the beauty of online property training. Being able to make sure that you are first, absorbing everything that you are learning and second, that you are learning about the things that will help you to progress quickly.

Property Investments UK - The Complete Course. Learn Implement Profit. Online Property Courses from Robert Jones

Online Property Courses Are More Scalable

The truth is that online property courses are far more scalable than learning the business by attending property seminars. This comes from the way such courses are structured and presented; giving you access to a wide range of topics in a range of formats.

As I said above, seminars, on the other hand, present the information in a condensed form and as such don’t cover the topics in enough depth. Time is the main restraint. A property seminar will run for a few hours, a full day or might even run over three days. However long one might run for time is always going to be a much more limiting factor than it is with an online property course.

But, not only is that time is limited with seminars but also that those seminars also happen in a snapshot of time.

What I mean by this is that once a seminar is over, it is over. So, six months after attending a seminar will you be confident that you can still remember what you learned? Of course, you will have kept your notes from the event but that isn’t the same thing as being able to review the presentations that you’d seen.

And this is the beauty of online property courses. You are always able to go back and review the topics you have covered.

And, more than that. Online property courses tend to evolve over time. That is to say when you decide to review a topic that you covered six months previously you might find some new content – such as new articles or downloads – sitting alongside the old, giving you the opportunity not only to refresh yourself but also to go into even greater depth.

So, because of the tendency for online courses to get continually updated, having access to one will give you ever more things to learn about investing in property.

Whether it’s new investment strategies, new ways to look at investing in property, new ways to negotiate, new property portals or software an online course will provide constant opportunities to grow whereas property seminars can only cover what they cover. Not only can you never access that information again but it is also more difficult to build on what you learned.

Online Property Courses Are More Accessible

Online property courses are properly accessible meaning you can access them whenever you want. It’s your choice. You can access the material evenings and weekends, at a time that suits you. You can also access it via a device of your choice, be it your phone, your tablet, laptop or desktop.

And that accessibility is not only convenient but also very useful

Because, when you out viewing a property you might be interested in you can brush up on your investment property checklists in your car before you go in.

An iPhone being used in the driver's seat of a car. Online property training. Information on the go

Before you speak to your estate agent you can have a dip into material on the art of negotiating a property deal before you make the call.

You’re not limited by where you are to access the material. As long as you have some kind of internet connected device (and most of us carry them around these days) then you can access the information you need for any business situation that might crop up.

As you can appreciate this is very different to trying to remember what you have been told in the past, particularly if you are going back many months.

Property Seminars UK Are Expensive

Ok, this isn’t always true. There are free property investment seminars that you can go to. But mostly seminars can cost a lot of money to attend.

Which of course makes sense.

There are a lot of overheads involved in putting on a big event like a property seminar or a property investor’s show including venue hire, staff, sound equipment etc.

On the other hand, online property courses have much lower overheads. There are still a lot of costs for course providers but they are nowhere near as significant as they are for providers of large events and it remains relatively cheap to keep managing an online course and providing fresh content and still keep the cost to the student comparatively low.

This simple, fact makes learning about property much cheaper from an online property course than it would be should one try and glean the same information from property seminars.

But there are other costs to involved with attending seminars that don’t apply to learning online. There is needing to travel to attend the seminars. You might need to stay a few nights in a hotel. Compare this with learning from the comfort of your own living room.

Putting It All Together

If you are interesting in training and property education online property courses have a lot more to offer than seminars.

If you want to grow your portfolio and ultimately become a millionaire investor then I recommend embracing new technology and make steps to get all the information you need at your fingertips when you are out in the field working and negotiating deals.

You also need to find a course that will grow with you; where the information evolves and stays relevant to what is, after all a changing industry.

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