Buy To Let Property Investment in Manchester

Buy To Let Property Investment in Manchester

Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage. It is the largest economic area outside of London with £56 billion gross value added (GVA). Manchester boasts two internationally renowned football clubs, a world-class orchestra, a film and TV production industry and a rich musical heritage – and it really is the hotspot on the map for property investment in 2017.

Is buy-to-let dead in 2017

Is Buy-To-Let Dead In 2017?

Rumours of the death of buy-to-let have been greatly exaggerated. There have been a lot of changes recently, sure. From the cut to mortgage interest tax relief to changes to stamp duty on second homes. Mortgages are more difficult to come by and legislation is becoming increasingly complex. Many see these changes as representing the end of buy-to-let landlords. But, for my part, I see a market that is very much alive and kicking.

health and safety in rented accommodation

Your Rights As A Tenant | Health and Safety In Rented Accommodation

Every property on the rental market must meet certain standards that ensure that it is safe and fit to live in. Health and safety in rented accommodation are assessed, normally by a local authority using the HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System). As someone who is renting however it is better that you know your rights as a tenant and are not just relying on some third party to make sure that everything in your house is as it should be.

mistakes when viewing buy to let properties to buy

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Investing In Buy To Let

What are the three most common mistakes that property investors make when buying buy to let property? The first is not finding out why the property is being sold. The second is taking the estate agent’s word on its rental potential. And the third is not knowing exactly how much the refurbishment is going to cost.

4 ways to simplify your next buy to let property deal

4 Ways to Simplify Your Next Buy to Let Investment

Can’t keep up? Do you find yourself over-complicating your search for buy to lets? Here, Rob Jones, property investor and sourcer, gives away four pointers on how to simplify your next buy to let investment.


A Landlord’s Guide To Energy Efficient Improvements

10 Reasons to Become an Energy Efficient Landlord.

The last thing on most landlords’ minds is how green their rental properties are.

Surely the money is better spent putting money down on another house right? Wrong!

Discover Property As A Pension Plan – With Vanilla Buy To Let

Straight forward Vanilla Buy-to-Let’s is the strategy most investors start with or aim for, when growing a property portfolio, planning their pension or starting a property business.

Although this is one of the more well know strategies, there’s still a few key elements you need to consider to make this property strategy work.