Property Sourcing | What Should My Finder Fee Be?

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As a property sourcer, you can expect to earn a finder fee of between one and five thousand pounds a deal… and that’s quite a spread. To calculate where you are on that spectrum you have to ask yourself a few questions. What is my time worth? How much work am I prepared to put in to develop the deal? And what is the true value of the deal to an investor?

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[0.22] Frank asks what he should be charging as a property sourcer
[0.42] How much are you worth?
[1.05] How much work have you put in?
[0.35] How much is the deal worth?
[1.58] Putting it all together with examples
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What Should Property Sourcing Fees Be?

Property sourcing fees in the UK are around one to five thousand pounds depending upon particulars of the property such as location and value. The experience of the property sourcer can also be a factor.

Today’s question is a follow-up from last week’s when Frank Hamilton asked about the contracts one would expect to use when property sourcing.

Frank asks…

Hi Rob, I appreciate your reply. The information you provided was very helpful. I also wanted to know about fees. How much should I charge for a finder’s fee? How much would I charge, for instance, if I found a flat, found an estate agent, found something through my own leads? Regards, Frank.

1. How much are you worth?

Your fee is whatever you feel comfortable charging within what the market will sustain. Most property sourcing fees are charged at around one to five thousand pounds depending upon particulars of the deal such as the location and value of the property, but also taken into consideration will be the property sourcer’s level of experience and the amount of work they’re putting into the property deal.

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2. How much work have you put in?

A map of North West UK with a pin sticking in the city of Manchester. Finder fee for property sourcers

For example, say you’re brand new to property sourcing and you’ve found a potential lead or homeowner who’s looking to sell their property at a good price to an investor. If your role is only to introduce the two parties, then that’s going to be worth a lower fee than if you find the property, get it negotiated under contract and find a pro-active role within the sales process. You could also be helping by sourcing refurbishment quotes (or even assisting with refurbishments). In short, when you are more involved you are more justified in charging a higher amount.

3. How much is the deal worth?

Often, if there is a level of discount or you’ve sourced a higher, rental-yield property then you can expect a higher fee as well (dependant on experience). The industry standard puts a finder’s fee between one and five thousand pounds, which gives you a rough guide as to what’s possible.

4. Putting it all together with examples

I hope that helps, Frank. With this video we’ve also included a link to some of the live property deals that we currently have available so you can see how we present them to our prospective clients. If you have a look at these deals then you’ll be able to see what fees we charge for the level of service we provide. We suggest that you take the time to consider how you will want to pitch yourself and which services you wish to provide as a property sourcer. Ultimately it will be these things that will determine your fee.

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