Property Investment Terminology | Abbreviations and Acronyms

Property abbreviations and property acronyms

Property, like any industry, comes with its own jargon, terminology, abbreviations and acronyms. For the new, would-be investor, this can be daunting and even seasoned operators can sometimes struggle. Today we present a complete list of abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in the UK property sector.

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms



AIP Application in Principle
APR Annual Percentage Rate
AS Assisted Sale
AST Assured Short Hold Tenancy
ARLA Association of Residential Letting Agents
AT Assured Tenancy (Agreement)


BMV Below Market Value
BMRV Below Mortgage Redemption Value
BOE Bank Of England
BRMV Broad Rental Market Area
BTL Buy To Let
BTS Buy To Sell


CH Central Heating
CML Council Mortgage Lenders
COCR Cash On Cash Return
CPO Compulsory Purchase Order
CRM Capital Repayment Mortgage
CT Council Tax


DD Due Diligence
DG Double Glazing
DIP Decision in Principle
DLA Disability Living Allowance
DPC Damp Proof Course
DPM Damp Proof Membrane
DTV Direct To Vendor


EA Estate Agent
EDC Exchange with a Delayed Completion
EPC Energy Performance Certificate
ERC Early Repayment Charges


FH Freehold
FLEEA Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Explosion, Aircraft (Insurance)
FMV Fair Market Value
FR Fixed Rate
FTB First Time Buyer
FURN Furnished


GCH Gas Central Heating
GDN Garden
GDV Gross Development Value
GF Ground Floor
GFCH Gas Fired Central Heating
GP Gross Profit
GR / NR Gross Return / Net Return


HA Housing Authority
HB Housing Benefit
HHSRS Housing Health and Safety Rating System
HMO House of Multiple Occupancy
HPI House Price Index


IFA Independent Financial Advisor
IHT Inheritance Tax
IO Interest only: A mortgage where capital debt is held off until the end of the term. Interest payments to service the debt are made at regular periods.
IRR Internal Rate Retention / Internal Rate Of Return


JV Joint Venture
JVP Joint Venture Partner


LH Leasehold
LHA Local Housing Allowance
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
LL Landlord
LO Lease Option
LTB/L2B Lease to Buy
LTL/L2L Lease to Let (Same as R2R)


MV Market Value


NAEA National Association of Estate Agents
NALS National Association of Letting Agents
NHBC National House Building Council Scheme
NLA National Landlords Association
NP Net Profit


OCH Oil Central Heating
OIEO Offers In Excess Of
OIRO Offers In the Region Of
OMV Open Market Value
OO Owner Occupier
OPM Other People’s Money: Using other people’s money to purchase property
OTO Open To Offers


PA Per Annum
PCM Per Calendar Month
POA Price On Application
PP Planning Permission
PP Purchase Price
PW Per Week


RICS Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
ROCE Return on Capital Employed
ROE Return On Equity
ROI Return On Investment
ROR Rate of Return
RPI Retail Price Index


SARB/SRB Sale and Rent Back
SDLT Stamp Duty Land Tax
SO Standing Order
SSTC Sold Subject To Contract
SV Surveyor Valuation
SVR Standard Variable Rate – Mortgage


TB Tenant Buyer


UF Unfurnished


VP Vacant Possession

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